Muchołapka — Hitler’s Stonehenge

There are different ideas of what Muchołapka might have been used for, but my favourite is obviously the most outlandish one of all.

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There’s speculation around many different Nazi sites from World War II. Adolf Hitler and his companions documented everything they did — projects, prisoners and future plans — yet somehow so much of what they did is still shrouded in mystery.

In Poland, there’s an incredible number of WW2 sites still standing, bringing tourists from all over the world. The tours explain what the sites were possibly used for, but still, historians don’t always have all the answers.

One of these sites is called Muchołapka (pronounced Muhowapka), which is also known as Hitler’s Stonehenge.

Inside Muchlapka — October 2018

A Pretty Incredible Historical Site

This site might not seem so spectacular, compared to the more infamous sites built by the Nazi party through the Second World War, but to see it in person is definitely another story.

I had wanted to visit this place for about 10 years, and finally got the chance! It’s located in Poland, near the Czech border. In this area, there are a lot of different WW2 historical sites, most of which have been turned into private museums.

I was shocked at the actual size of this site! I did not expect it to be so big or overwhelming. I had seen pictures and videos, but these don’t seem to do it any justice in terms of the sheer size.

Me Standing In Front of Mucholapka, To Give You an Idea of The Size — October 2018


It has been speculated that this was a missile launch site, or at least that it was going to be. There is still no certainty if this site was a finished construction or if there was still more work intended to be done.

Naturally, when sites like this are surrounded by so much mystery, conspiracy theories begin to arise. One of my favourites is the actual reason I wanted to visit this site for so long, and why I was so excited to be standing in front of this monstrous Stonehenge.

Conspiracy Theories

One of the best (and I say best because I think it’s the most fun) conspiracy theories about Muchołapka is that it was actually built for a machine that could travel through space-time.

This isn’t the wildest part of the conspiracy theory, because it’s well documented that the Nazi Party was pumping loads of money into alternative sciences and pretty interesting weapon development.

(There will definitely be another article about the weird weapons of WW2 at some point.)

Allegedly the Nazi Bell Outside — Express

There is a theory that this was a launching site for a machine that travels through space-time. This machine is said to have been acorn-shaped, and that Hitler didn’t actually die in his bunker, but instead escaped by travelling through space-time just before WW2 ended.

The Machine

The acorn-shaped machine is also known as the “Nazi Bell” and there are theories about its ability to defy gravity. There are even stories about how it helped Nazis to travel to distant planets in our universe.

Allegedly, the Leaked Plans for the Nazi Bell — Express

A lot of Nazi ideals and imagery came from ancient folklore. In this image, we can see the inscriptions that were found on the Nazi Bell. This would not have been unusual for the Nazi Party, because they relied heavily on these ancient symbols and folklore to drive their beliefs.

So Why Visit Muchołapka?

To be clear, I in no way support the Nazi Party or any Nazi ideals. I just genuinely love history and conspiracy theories — put the 2 together and we’ve got a winner!

Many historical sites are controversial, but it’s still important to have an understanding of our past. The real purpose of Muchołapka is shrouded in mystery, which makes it that much more interesting! The fact that there are so many sites like this all throughout areas that were occupied by Nazi Germany still blows my mind — and I’d love the opportunity to visit as many of them as possible!

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