so you got blocked on twitter

or maybe someone unfollowed you, or maybe they just soft blocked you

maybe you were offensive. maybe you made the blocker feel uncomfortable, or maybe even unsafe. maybe you’re just straight up fuckin’ annoying, dude. it could be any number of these reasons! it happens!

people could have any number of experiences which could give them any number of reasons or criteria for who they interact with or whose posts they see. sure, it seems kind of severe but it’s totally possible that you can get unblocked and be refollowed and become besties again or whatever. that can happen too!

some cool things to do are: don’t fuckin’ pester people about it and don’t fuckin’ publicly self-flagellate about it. this isn’t to say shut the complete fuck up about it but have some dang chill.

anyway we are all condemned to this digital hell so *farts*

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