worms eat my brain by adam spong

ah yes, 3 days to go, and I might do the last 7 Hogwarts waiting for Hogwarts fanfictions now . the spong dreamie dream sequences . 
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The Call Of Harvest

A Fantasy Novel
 worms eat my brain by adam spong

The sprout bunch festival is apon us, who will you go with ?

18-year-old Rake Ramble had given up on his life’s ambition to become an expert sower of wild oats before the world blows and the wild wind of carbonisation makes all plants die before winter, .

However, at an Annual Flower show he discovers some sprout bunch committee gang members trying to fertilize his Various Juicy friend, “Pretty Prevention”, and he decides it’s time for a soil conditioner. The soil conditioner will make her florals abundant and springy. not saggy and mellony.

In need of some droplet and Biodegradable Dehydrated manure, grower and spade Rake pops into Inorganic Foundation Labs for a bit of shopping.

Having led a Germination life, Rake finds himself unable to find Biodegradable Dehydrated manure in Inorganic Foundation Labs. So he sets out to acquire some Biodegradable Dehydrated manure straight from the horse instead.

So of he goes to weird Farmer, Spaglley Legs, and stumbles on Thorny Toad on his journey. Thorny Toad has all the Biodegradable Dehydrated manure he needs and begins secretly applying the manure, in the hope of getting fresh produce to get his attention, and see he is a manly plant with bulbous roots that are well founded and will bring plenty of jems and diamonds to dig up for ring finger attention. He wished he was the best at doing the job of sowing wild oats. He soon find out that the Sprout Bunch gang plan to sabotage his new career prospects as a fertilizer to all the sweet sweet honeys and decides to just sprout all day.

However, the end of the world approaches, the wind of carbonisation, before winter approaches soon,, and time is running out for Rake. He is left with two options: stop the sprout bunch in one hour, or allow the world to end in a ball of yarn. all will suffer the wild s ting of Autums defoliation, and he gets to see his sweetheart :”Pretty Prevention” in the leafie nude, and he is happy, , death in defoliation is nice, he thought, I will be back with some freah stringy bark next Spring.. I will get all the honey drippers.

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