Joe McKnight’s Killer Released From Police Custody — No Charges Filed

Two days ago former New York Jets NFL running back Joe McKnight was involved in a road rage incident with 54-year-old Ronald Gasser in Terrytown, Louisiana. The two men were arguing at an intersection when Gasser pulled out a gun and shot McKnight. According to accounts, Gasser then stood over McKnight and said, “I told you not to f — k with me” before he fired another shot into McKnight.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office refuted that last claim, saying that their investigation revealed that the shots were fired in quick succession at Joe McKnight as Gasser was in his car. Gasser stayed at the scene until police arrived and cooperated fully, turning over his gun to authorities. He was arrested and taken into custody for questioning.

McKnight was unarmed. Even if he wanted to, he couldn’t defend himself against a rage-filled man with a gun.

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Sheriff Newell Normand said that authorities weren’t going to jump to any conclusions about what happened that fateful day between McKnight and Gasser, calling the information they have now is “conjecture.”

“The only thing we know right now, everything else is conjecture, is that Mr. Gasser did in fact shoot Mr. McKnight,” Normand said.

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In a surprise move that I, personally, find highly questionable, Gasser was released from police custody yesterday and, according to Jefferson Parish spokesman Colonel John Fortunato, detectives are hoping that more witnesses will step forward to help with the investigation. He also mentioned that Gasser did give a reason as to why he shot and killed McKnight, but the spokesman would share the excuse with the rest of the class.

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“Ronald Gasser was released overnight and he has not been charged in the shooting of Joe McKnight. We’re making an appeal to anyone who may have been near that intersection and witnessed what went on between these two people to please call our Detective Bureau at 504–364–5300,” he said.

A video was released showing paramedics trying to resuscitate McKnight and save his life as he lay on the ground at the scene.

So, this is what we know: McKnight was unarmed and Gasser had a gun with him in his car. Gasser was sitting in his vehicle when he shot McKnight twice, and was confident enough in his story that he waited for the police. Now he walks free and the police say they don’t have enough information to hold or charge him with a crime.

Be careful out there people. The struggle is real.