Lawyer Convicted Of Using Hypnosis To Sexually Assault Clients

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Source: Lorain County Jail

Source: Lorain County Jail[/caption]

Former respected Ohio lawyer Michael Fine, 59, has been sentenced to 12 years in prison and will be listed as a tier 2 sex offender after a judge ruled that he used hypnosis to sexually abuse his clients during their meetings.

In September the attorney pleaded guilty to kidnapping and attempted kidnapping. While his charges were for six women, it’s believed he’s had as many as 12 victims.

The investigation began after one of his victim reported to police that she believe Fine had hypnotized her during a meeting over her custody dispute. Investigators admitted that initially they struggled with believing the woman’s story, but after she used a hidden camera and microphone to record Fine, they were convinced.

Soon, a second woman came forward with a similar story. One of the women said that when she left the meeting she noticed that her “bra was disheveled” and she was “wet in her vaginal area.”

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Source: Chroniclet[/caption]

According to The Chronicle, one of Michael Fine’s victims read an impact statement in the court, explaining how the lawyer manipulated and took advantage of her just weeks after her divorce.

“I have come to realize it was not my vulnerability that caused this to happen,” she said. “I went to Michael Fine with help in getting out of a terrible and abusive situation. I paid him to help me. He used my trust and his position as my attorney to gain information about my vulnerabilities.”

She continued, “He then used that information not only to protect and defend me, but also to manipulate, hurt and take advantage of me.”

Fine’s defense attorney claims that his client was going through major difficulties in his life and understands his mistakes. The fact that Fine entered a guilty plea and voluntarily gave up his law license should show the court that he realizes the error of his ways.

Understandably, many of his victims disagreed. One woman said that she suffers from regular panic attacks and has trouble keeping relationships. She vocalized her outrage that he gets 12 years in prison while she lives with this experience for the rest of her life.

Aneta Fine, the lawyer’s wife, stands by her husband. She said he’s a good man who just made poor decisions.

“This was something that came out of no where,” she said. “He has been a loving husband and father to our two girls.”

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