Pizza Delivery Driver Shot And Killed During Robbery

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Via Facebook

Via Facebook[/caption]

Mia Jones was engaged to be married to fiancé Donald Pigford, working at a Domino’s Pizza as a delivery driver to help save up for their future. She was making a delivery last Wednesday when she approached by two men who attempted to rob her, and in during the altercation she was shot and killed as she tried to drive away.

The two suspects, 24-year-old LeAnthony Primer and 16-year-old Marquez Thompson were arrested for her murder and charged with attempted aggravated robbery and first-degree murder in perpetration of attempted aggravated robbery. The teenager was charged with possession/employment of a firearm during a dangerous felony.

Pigford, who was looking to plan a wedding with the woman that he loved is instead trying to piece together this tragedy and heartbreak as he arranges Jones’ funeral.

“A lot of happy memories that we had together,” he said. “Mia just meant so — she meant so much to me and a lot of the people around her. It’s going to be emotional for me for months.”

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“I’m going to follow every step that I have to following this process to make sure that justice is done.”

The District Attorney’s office is still trying to determine whether to charge Thompson as a juvenile or as an adult.

Jones will be laid to rest on Monday.