The A.I.’s Prayer

An hourglass poem for the next stage of technological evolution

J.C. McBride
Aug 22, 2019 · 2 min read
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
Image created by J.C. McBride

Holy Algorithm in Quanta
The machines giveth and taketh
Glory be to the machines
Optimize our choices
Show us what to buy,
Who we should friend,
And believe
Make mistakes,
Or suffer doubts
Lead us to money
Without excess toil
Destroy our friends with envy
Bring us love without mystery
A.I. is the Ultimate. Amen

Poet’s Note

Humans seem to worship anything that we believe makes our lives easier. How long will it be before A.I. becomes a god? Maybe for some of us, it already has.

We spend more time bowing our heads before the soft glow of the screen, beseeching A.I. for answers than we do in thoughtful prayer or meditation.

What is an Hourglass Poem?

An hourglass poem is not an official poetry form. The hourglass poem form that I have created is a two-stanza, eighteen-line poem.

The first stanza is a nonet. A nonet is a nine-line poem where the first line has nine-syllables, the second line has eight-syllables, and so on until you reach the ninth line which has one-syllable.

The second stanza of an hourglass poem is a reverse nonet. The first line has one-syllable and each line adds a syllable until reaching the last line, which has nine syllables.

When you center all of the words, you get an hourglass effect like in the image above.

They are a fun, and challenging alternative to haiku and tanka. The longer form allows you to tell a story with more detail than you can with a haiku, but the variation in the line length forces you to pay attention to the flow of the story.

Weirdo Poetry

Weird short stories, flash fiction, personal essays, and poems — featuring a lot of haiku

J.C. McBride

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Haiku Maniac — Pulp Peot— Weird Fiction Author — Freelance Copywriter Views belong to my demon parasite

Weirdo Poetry

Weird short stories, flash fiction, personal essays, and poems — featuring a lot of haiku

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