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An introduction long due

Filipe Aparicio
Aug 24, 2017 · 3 min read

We have been around for a few years now — 5 to be more precise. It has been difficult to find the time, but a few months back we decided it was time to share ourselves with the world.

To quickly introduce who we are, let’s just say that we solve problems using design and code.

The studio was born out of necessity. My co-partner and I had been accepting design jobs as freelancers, and soon realized that in order to go forward, we had to build a structure that would allow us to grow. We moved to Lisbon and after living and working from a “couch” for a few months, we managed to find a space that would become our first office. Since then a lot has happened, but there’s no need to go into detail.

Fast-forward to 2015 and we get an email that would change our lives:

“Hi, I have a branding and packaging project I would like to discuss with you.”

The shortest proposal request we had ever received, from someone who accidentally came across us through a freelance project we had shared on Behance 2 years before we founded our studio. For a few months, it puzzled me how someone in a different country, could have found us when we had literally nothing online besides a loose project that we barely recalled.

That first email turned into a full-scale retail project that quickly reached hundreds of stores across the UK. After that project, another one came in, then another one, and so on.

The author of that 15 word e-mail was Azam Jaafri — a serial entrepreneur and investor from the UK, who at the time was venturing for the first time into the food retail market. Since then we have worked together with him, developing new projects and improving on his previous ones.

For 2 years we’ve done a lot. The work flow and chemistry have been nothing short of amazing. With every project, our design & strategy processes kept improving, leading to faster growth. Eventually, we got to a point in which the next logical step for us, was to join forces and bring to the table what we had learned and developed together.

Hence the reason why I’m writing this article.

Up until now it didn’t really make much sense for us to sing and dance about what we were doing. We had no need to promote ourselves or acquire new customers and projects — we had more than enough work to keep us busy and life was good.

But as time went by and after constant requests from other businesses and startups to acquire our services, Azam suggested we should share what we’ve built together with the rest of the world. With a substantial investment, he was able to help us recruit key members for our team and develop our infrastructure.

So now… a new chapter is starting and we’re excited about what the future holds. Az’s 20 years of entrepreneurial experience along with our team of designers, developers and strategists, results in a joint effort to help other businesses succeed — using the same processes that we’ve collectively developed for his own ventures.

Now is the time for what we have been postponing for 5 years — the time for you to know us.

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Thanks to Ines Ribeiro Alves

Filipe Aparicio

Written by

Partner / Brand consultant @wearewky

we know you

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