Ciao Localocal,
Hi Agricool.

When we first chose a name for our urban farming project we thought Localocal was great, because it could be said in english, in french, or even in spanish. Plus it said what it had to say : local. As we grow local food, it made sense.

Localocal? Local local? Locallocal?

But when you choose a name, you want it to be shared and recalled easily by everybody. This was our main problem with Localocal. Nobody would write it the same way, and after a few weeks we seriously begun to go crazy !
How can you create and strenghten a brand name if nobody write it the same way? One month ago, we decided to radically end this by changing our name.

Why Agricool?

We made a lot of brainstormings with my cofounder Gonzague, and Alice, Ousmane, Julia from TheFamily. We wanted something clear, easy to pronounce and recall, and once again a name that everybody would write the same way.

“At first Agricool seemed too simple, and most of the time when it’s too simple it’s the perfect name.” Alice. TheFamily, CEO.

It was also very important not to be limited to a specific crop. Agricool evokes everything that could be “cool” in Agriculture, giving us a broad spectrum of possibilities to transform Agriculture in a cool way ;)

Finally, Agricool let us reinvent the Agriculture dictionary. We’ll be “cooltivators”, producing fruits and vegetables in “cooltainers” for example. And that’s really fun !

So check our brand new, visit our Facebook page and our Twitter, and let’s wish a long and happy life to Agricool ;)


Nutritious fruits & veggies grown in Paris & Dubai 🌱

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