You’ll Love Growing Tomatoes in Pots!

How I grow bug — and disease-free tomatoes in containers.

Photo by Yves Deploige on Unsplash

I used to have enormous gardens and so could plant row after row of tomatoes. I no longer have space for a large garden, so I grow my tomatoes in containers. Pots! I call them pots.

I learned to grow tomatoes from my husband’s Uncle Red. He was an avid gardener and president of…




Come have a cuppa with me in my garden. Enjoy the plants, critters, and people who gather here, discovering the delights of simple living and the wisdom the earth shares with us.

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Katie Michaelson

Katie Michaelson

I’m a retired therapist who specialised in parenting. I write on the edge of verse and prose about plants and people and simple things.

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