4 Disruptive AI Startups Will Change Everything

A look back at Hacker Unit season 1

Hacker Unit, the remote accelerator emphasizing the importance of a startup’s talent just finished its inaugural season on AI.

Over the course of 90 days four companies were selected and coached by the CEOs of successful AI startups, including influencers like Rand Hindi of Snips, Chris Bailey of Hotel Tonight, Francisco J.Martin of BigML and more.

Since the beginning of this accelerator program three months ago, startups and mentors alike have worked endlessly, and from all corners of the globe, to refine business models, prepare companies for launch, and finally, help the founders pitch their visions before potential VCs.

So without further ado, the inaugural class of Hacker Unit Season 1…

Legal Robot provides an Artificial Intelligence service for legal document analysis. They entered the accelerator with a mobile app for large consumer markets, and now, after slightly reworking their product, are performing legal document analysis for corporations with a SaaS product and an on-demand business model.

Currently, they are building a pilot with Zurich Insurance ($1M deal), and even had the chance to pitch at the Legal Tech Show in NYC, featuring 10K lawyers and attorneys. Since then, they have been approached by SAP Capital, Bloomberg, Intel Capital and other influential firms. In the process, they also secured 10 reputable law firms to sign-up for to trial Legal Robot’s services.

“What attracted us to Hacker Unit was the quality of mentors and the season’s specific focus on our domain [AI]. The introductions to strategic customers and investors have been invaluable.”

Dan Rubins, CEO and founder of Legal Robot

Real Life Analytics, a company that delivers AI solutions to maximize the ROI of digital signage, entered the accelerator without a product/market fit — Just a few short months later, they find themselves working with influential corporations introduced via the accelerator program. Their market validated, Real Life Analytics is now expanding their experimentation and developing on-demand business for advertisers. They recently signed a partnership with NVIDIA and reduced their devices cost by 4, making great strides with the validation of industry experts.

“Hacker Unit has been extremely valuable to us; they have deep links within the AI and deep learning community, supporting your journey at every step!”

Adam Carrigan, founder and CEO of Real Life Analytics

Riminder, a French-based company using Artificial Intelligence to help HR departments find suitable candidates, entered with an AI solution for job seekers. Now, after refining the company’s model slightly, they are geared to help corporations detect and target talent for hire. They have developed 3 different offerings using machine learning and deep learning, and scraped 10 million profiles in the process. In the last 3 months, they have launched an Saas product for businesses and large corporations, and also secured their first recurring corporate HR customers. Companies like Accenture, Orange, Uber, Randstad, and Safran are among their beta clientele.

Riminder is raising 1M€ for seed funding round.

“Our experience at Hacker Unit is priceless. We connected with great AI entrepreneurs, business developers coaches, and a large network of corporates to develop our Saas product.”

Mouhidine Seiv, founder and CEO of Riminder

ClevAPI, a real-time images recognition service, found their product/market fit with advertising agencies using their API to index and replace objects in digital ad campaigns.

They are now entering the US market and look to expand on a global scale. During the program, they increased the monthly rate of analyzed user images, and added 6 companies and 300 users to their API testing; since this writing, nearly 1,200,000 photos have been analyzed.

“Hacker Unit connected us with mentors and advisors who have different, but always relevant, experience. The knowledge they shared was invaluable and helped us to make the right decisions.”

Timur Luguev, founder and CEO of Clev API

The new season of Hacker Unit is about to begin and will focus on VR & AR startups. You can find more info here.

To be continued…