Hacker Unit launches new season in VR/AR

From April to July 2016

We are proud to announce that the next season of Hacker Unit, the first entirely remote accelerator program, will be dedicated to the fields of virtual, augmented and mixed reality, and we are currently accepting applications until April 1.

Hacker Unit was founded on the premise that amazing startups exist all over the world, many of which can’t afford to move to Silicon Valley, or have no desire to. As an online accelerator, Hacker Unit aims to support startups by connecting them with knowledgable mentors who’ve been in the game for some time and have a number of triumphs and failures under their belts.

From April until June, ten successful VR/AR CEOs will be coaching startups from around the world. The mentors taking part include: Jeff Norris from NASA JPL; Raven Zachary from Object Theory; Amir Rubin from Paracosm; Facundo Martin Diaz from VRtify; Alban Denoyel from SketchFab; James Chung from Reload Studio; Philip Lunn from Nurulize and Andrew Tricket from Merge VR. More will be announced soon.

If you are a VR/AR startup willing to change the world and go big, get on board by following this application link.

If you are an early or stealth stage startup and not focusing on VR/AR, you can still join our startup community and take advantage of our powerful network of experts and business partners.

“I have been impressed by the quality of the startups in Hacker Unit. Contrary to many other accelerators, they managed to get very talented teams, with real technology behind their products, and a strong drive to build successful companies!”

Rand Hindi, co-founder & CEO of Snips, an AI mentor from Season #1. Find his masterclass recap here.