is an essential part of the experimental algorithmic stablecoin multiverse built by UNIVERSE PROTOCOL. In the Supernova Universe, all participants will experience the origin, expansion and stability of the universe, as well as the birth and evolution of many algorithmic stablecoin stars.

In the past stablecoin protocols often exclusively used either a pure collateral model or a completely unsecured model (algorithmic stability). Pure collateral stablecoins either need to over-collateralize assets on the chain, or have custody risks, and the scale is limited by the amount of collateralized assets; but these designs can provide a fairly stable fixed exchange rate and have a certain degree of credibility. Completely unsecured (algorithmic) stablecoins make up for the shortcomings of collateral-backed stablecoins, do not require trust, are scalable, etc.; however, excessive exchange rate fluctuations limit their application scenarios.

The Supernova Universe will simultaneously use the two stablecoin design models and will be launched in a number of steps.

SUPERNOVA.CASH employs sCASH/SHARE dual token model with the addition of price stabilization fund sFUND.

SHARE: a universal share of the algorithmic stablecoin universe. Share receives revenues from different algorithmic stablecoin stars. For example, Share/sCASH LP token holders can get sCASH dividends when sCASH goes through a rebase.

sCASH: an algorithmic stablecoin that is pegged to USDT (in the HECO ecosystem) 1:1

In our universe we have already 11 planets. Some of them are already LIVE, some still need to be unlocked.

Meet our planets



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