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5 Ways Trauma Makes You A Better Person

Trauma is life-altering.

It changes your perspective, your beliefs, your code of morals and ethics, your behavior, your thoughts and opinions, your whole sense of existing. Though many address the damaging aspects of trauma — and rightfully so — seemingly no one looks at the bright side.

Yes, there is a bright side to trauma, and you might be surprised at its benefits:

  • Thick Skin: Things just seems to roll off of your back because you’ve heard or been called worse. Even when they hit below the belt, it’s child’s play. “Come harder.”
  • Hyper-vigilance: People will call you “paranoid,” but hey, better safe than sorry. You watch everybody and everything, and you’re aware of your surroundings in a 360-degree capacity at a 10-mile radius. I mean, how else would you know that the waiter with the hole in his pants was about to drop that green mug of hot coffee on that old lady with the custom Pucci wallet? And you caught it just in time. Her friends didn’t even see it coming. Moral of the story: Hyper-viligance saves lives.
  • Empathy: You can relate to other survivors in a way non-survivors never could. When you see a victim of domestic violence acting “erratically,” you know that it’s not erratic at all. It’s a trauma response. They were probably provoked or gaslit into a full freak-out. Abusers are master manipulators and they know how to make their targets look crazy. People who have never been abused will never understand this; therefore, they will wrongfully admonish the victim.
  • Apathy: There’s nothing that could phase you or hurt your feelings because you’ve already lived through the worst of the worst. In fact, you’re probably dead inside. When something bad happens, it’s just that feeling of “another one bites the dust” because you really can’t expect much from people in the first place. This is the final stage of disappointment in humanity.
  • The uncanny ability to call out bullshit: Somehow, you just see right through people and situations… And you’re almost always right. I’ll bet your accuracy rate is 99.99%. Intuition ain’t got shit on you.

So if you’ve experienced trauma, hats off to you. You’re much stronger and much better than you think. ❤️



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