Introducing WeLikeGraphQL Group

Let us introduce a new group that (we hope) will work successfully in GraphQL Community. The name of the group is: WeLikeGraphQL. Its main aims are to promote GraphQL through:

  • writing GraphQL integrations with existing software solutions
  • writing code examples
  • writing articles about GraphQL adoption
  • … and maybe much more?


A week ago announced:

In recognition of the fact that GraphQL is now being used in production by many companies, we’re excited to remove the “technical preview” moniker. GraphQL is production ready.

However, it might take some time until GraphQL API will replace REST API. We would like to shorten this period as much as possible and together with the industry broaden the list of GraphQL users:

How to Join?

The group will perform its job under:

Soon, the group will push some repos with examples or integrations, which you can contribute to! Just fork repos and create pull requests. Active and advanced developers might count on being moderators of both GitHub and Medium accounts.

Please, share your thoughts about the group or your ideas for the future.

More info about GraphQL you can find here:

Stay tuned!