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We are two recent graduates who have just entered the adult life. We hope to become better versions of ourselves in the face of adversity, and thus begins the Well-Being for Life project which documents our journey of personal growth. We value meaning, gratitude, and kindness in life. Inspired entrepreneur Gary Vee, we want to share positivity and empathy with the world so that together we can become self-actualized and live a meaningful life. Our mission is to empower people with new ideas, mindsets, and practices — through our personal life experiences and insights from books, videos, and podcasts — that will help us tackle our life challenges.

In the first episode, we will talk about stress, mindfulness, meditation, and manifestation. The content is based on the book Stress Less, Accomplish More by Emily Fletcher.

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We feel stressed and anxious easily throughout our entire lives, perhaps because we overthink too much, and we are afraid of failures.

Editor 1: I still haven’t found the courage to go back to the paper and idea that was rejected multiple times. Now I have left academia, and with no interest in returning, what is the purpose of finishing the paper, which may never be published and read. I have been turning away from it because I constantly tell myself that I am not in the mood. I wonder whether the spirit of the paper could live in another form, like a story or a game, and this will be my goal.

Editor 2: I feel stress from meeting my boss and clients, trying to meet sales quota, and presenting my Monday reports. Last Sunday night, I had the thought of my boss talking shit about my performance, and it made me really anxious about going to work the next day. My usual — and unhealthy — way of dealing with stress has been binge eating and playing video games. I am aware that I should no longer allow myself to escape from my own responsibility for dealing with stress. Gladly, one day on Tom Bilyeu’s Youtube channel, I discovered Emily Fletcher’s book Stress Less, Accomplish More. It helped me learn the art of meditation for relieving stress. Following the breathing practices in the book last Sunday, I was able to calm myself, focus on the present, and worry less about the future. In this episode, I will share the lessons I learned from this book.

The book begins by introducing the concept of stress and explaining why meditation is useful for relieving stress and allowing us to live a healthier life. It discusses three types of practices that could help us relieve stress and accomplish more:

  • Mindfulness: focusing on breathing and being in the present.
  • Meditation: repeating a mantra to release stress from the past.
  • Manifestation: designing and clarifying your future.

We experience stress every day. Although we encounter less life-threatening situations such as fighting against wild animals, we feel pressure from work, such as meeting deadlines and sales quota. The stress system that we have inherited from the primitive age still works quite effectively. Our body reacts to stress by switching to the fight mode — activating physical responses like tightened muscles, increased heart rate and acidic blood level.

Stress is necessary for us to survive in extreme situations, but it provides little benefits if it constantly affects us. Fletcher writes, “It’s not bad for your body to get stressed, however, it is toxic for your body to stay stressed”. According to American Psychological Association, “untreated chronic stress can result in serious health conditions including anxiety, insomnia, muscle pain, high blood pressure, and weaken the immune system.” This is why we need to understand how to deal with stress more effectively.

In the next part, we will talk about the benefits of meditation and go through the actual practices to relieve stress.

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Well-Being for Life

Bringing positivity and empathy to the world so that together we can become self-actualized and live a meaningful life.

Chi-Jui Wu 吳啟瑞

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I read, write, and reflect on human lives. Previously HCI Researcher @ Lancaster, UCL, and St Andrews. Website:

Well-Being for Life

Bringing positivity and empathy to the world so that together we can become self-actualized and live a meaningful life.

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