Chi-Jui Wu 吳啟瑞
May 19 · 3 min read

We are two graduates who have just entered adult life. We hope to become better versions of ourselves, and thus begins the Well-Being for Life project which documents our journey of personal growth. We value meaning, gratitude, and kindness in life. Our mission is to empower people with new ideas, mindsets, and practices — through our personal life experiences and insights from books, videos, and podcasts — that will help us tackle our life challenges.

This is our attempt at writing a gratitude journal.

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Editor 1

There are hundreds of things I can blame on a daily basis, but I figured that at the end of the day, nothing would be achieved by doing that. The more I blame, the more negative I become. The more negative I become, the less likely I would get out of the rut. Hence, instead of dwelling on the negative, I have decided to become grateful and focus on the positive parts of my life.

I am grateful for being born into a happy family. I am grateful for being able to study abroad in the United States for 8 years. I am grateful for having a healthy body. I am grateful for having the leisure to write an essay about gratefulness on a Sunday morning without worrying about where my next meal is.

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Editor 2

After months of starting my first full-time job, I am starting to find more personal time. I read, think, and write on the topics that truly resonate with me.

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by my own expectations: to find meaning in life and write inspiring stories. Currently, I am writing about my whole life experiences which led to the decision of quitting PhD. Invariably, there are negative experiences in academia and my personal life that ultimately caused it, but I also want to focus on the lessons I learned from my journey and the positive life stories that have lived to shape my beliefs and values.

Sometimes I feel depressed when I cannot see the future in which I would fulfill my own expectations, and when I recall negative life experiences and the sense of hopelessness: regarding memories about personal failures. I know exactly the triggers which provoked the negative episodes, but I am still practicing my full control over them.

There is no doubt that these thoughts will reoccur, but hopefully, as I acknowledge and write down these feelings as they return, I can become more at peace with the realities of my life and live more fully.

I am grateful for this time of my life when I can enjoy a good book, practice self-awareness, and document my personal growth. I want to embrace both the negativity and positivity in my life, for they define who I am as a whole person. Life is a long journey with ups and downs. It takes courage and discipline to follow the clear vision that is in my mind.

Written on a Sunday afternoon with coffee.

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"All I want to know is where I’m going to die so I’ll never go there." — Poor Charlie’s Almanac, Charlie Munger.peace.- 2019/05/19 CJW (

Well-Being for Life

Bringing positivity and empathy to the world so that together we can become self-actualized and live a meaningful life.

Chi-Jui Wu 吳啟瑞

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I read, write, and reflect on human lives. Previously HCI Researcher @ Lancaster, UCL, and St Andrews. Website:

Well-Being for Life

Bringing positivity and empathy to the world so that together we can become self-actualized and live a meaningful life.

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