Life Is a Long Moment

I’ve been noodling on the concept that life is one long moment and that the past and future don’t exist.

If life is one long moment, the best times can never be anything but now. Same for the worst times. Everything is now. Nostalgia doesn’t make sense. Neither does obsessing about the future.

It’s like one long spaghetti noodle and I’m at both ends of it sucking it into my mouth lady-and-the-tramp style while walking along it like a tightrope artist.

I came up with that horrifying image because I used the word noodling earlier.

Noodling is that sport where you stick your hand into underwater holes and hope to catch a big ‘ol catfish. Which, come to think of it, isn’t a bad descriptor of life either.

When I think about life like one long moment, all of the sudden there’s less stress. More peace. More ease. More perspective.

It’s nice, like catching a huge catfish and knowing dinner is going to be fantastic. But even if it isn’t, at least I got to be outside today.