Tip #1: Singing helps you forget the bad.

“And I learned that it’s a bad idea to curse when you’re in trouble, but a good idea to sing, if you can.” — Tobias Wolff, This Boy’s Life

The gym is a four-minute run away, stoplights permitting.

It was 11 degrees when I left and 10 degrees when I came back. 9:30 pm. Sun was gone. No help there.

When I first stepped outside, I almost turned around and went right back in. I thought maybe my legs would give out because of the cold. Can that even happen? I don’t know. I didn’t want to find out.

I made it, though, and I worked out. Hard.

On the way back, I was sweaty and my legs were tired. I needed protein. Four minutes seemed like an eternity.

The only way I was going to get home was if I sang-shouted “Under Pressure.” So I did.

I was gasping, out of breath, big puffs of steam coming out of my yapper. I didn’t care how many people I woke up in the carpet stores that line my block or how many mothers I scared.

I actually got so distracted trying to remember the lyrics that I forgot to be cold.

So singing helps if you’re in a bind, and it works even better when you have to think about the lyrics.