Rolo the puppy

Tip #14: Life Lessons from My Parent’s Puppy

Puppies are adorable. They just are. They are so roly poly and furry and they have these cute little faces and most importantly, they can’t talk and they love you.

Everything you need to know about life and business you can learn from a puppy:

  • Grow fur.
  • Have tiny, razor-sharp teeth, little paws, and a thick coat.
  • Love everyone unconditionally.
  • Make mistakes, like trying to jump on something and then falling. You’ll look adorable.
  • Discover the world! Explore it with your mouth. Bite furniture and shoelaces.
  • Crotches and butts are interesting.
  • Everyone and everything deserves attention.
  • Everyone and everything should be bitten.
  • Keep fit by being locked in a cage and fed three times a day.
  • Live for cuddles. If you like someone, bite their face.
  • Your reputation is only as good as the number of days you go without pissing the floor.
  • Forget everything from your past (literally). Live in the present.
  • As long as you’re pooping outside regularly, you’re doing okay.

Thanks for the tips, Rolo!