5 Indie Game Studio Killers to Avoid, and Why We Did Them Anyway.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you, incorporate at your own peril.

1. We decided to start a studio with our friends.

All Well Told founders + Chloe, Sam’s wife - Marc

2. Every member of our founding team is an artist.

Strictly Founder Art.

3. We maintain a (mostly) flat hierarchy.

4. We don’t share the same taste in games.

Marc loves Elder Scrolls and Jen loves Toontown.
Golf-it: The Great Equalizer

5. We actually try to put studio culture first.

Our Growing Tribe.
Forever Our Extended Well Told Tribe



Well Told was founded in October 2015 in Orange, California by animators, programmers, artists, and experience designers. Our team loves the challenge of Mixed Reality. We aim to keep these all-new realities fun, entertaining, and compelling.

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