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Take a 3-minute breathing space for managing stress, and everyday mindfulness!

I’ve been juggling so many things recently with work and studying that at times it feels like my feet don’t touch the ground, and I’m caught in a busy trap in my head that feels overwhelming. This short video outlines how the stress response (fight/flight) is an ancient part of our survival mechanism. But unlike our ancient ancestors who could rest and recover after stress, we often live in a constant state of activation with all of the harmful effects this has on our bodies.

Some days it feels like I am in a constant state of activation! During these stressful periods, I feel the need to reconnect with my body to better manage my stress levels, and keep on top of tasks in a more manageable way. Recently I was in introduced to this 3-minute guided ‘breathing space’ meditation that promotes everyday mindfulness. I’ve started to practice daily to help me gain some calm and focus when feeling stressed and before starting work tasks.

The breathing space encourages us to give ourselves time to stop, ground ourselves and feel safe. What I love about the breathing space is that it can be practiced anywhere as it is bite-sized — my favourite place to do it is on the tube! Taking a breathing space encourages me to embed mindfulness into my everyday hustle and bustle, and to keep my feet on the ground!

We’d love to hear how you get on with taking a breathing space.


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