Bubblism — Phloat! Hope Acts-Of Kindness

One evening traveling late and tired on the tube my attention was drawn to tiny bubbles floating through the carriage. Strange to see those bubbles, I looked around to see where they came from but couldn’t see the source. They kept coming as though they were appearing from nowhere. Then I caught eyes with a sparkling eyed lady and we shared a happy moment of connection as she sneakily took out her bubbles and blew them travelling through the carriage. I turned my attention down the carriage and it was a sight to see other grown-up faces in the carriage light up as bubbles floated past them as if from nowhere — time had stopped, the carriage was alight with a real sense of excitement and play with worries washed away by the magic of. As she left the carriage the I was given a leaflet introducing me to Phloat.

Phloat is a non profit organisation dedicated to bringing about positivity, creativity and wellness. PHLOAT stands for:

People Helping Lives of Others And Themselves


The aims of Phloat are to create a platform for positivity, a community where all people can thrive, air their opinions, create SOLUTIONS, recognise what FLOURISHES and WORKS CORRECTLY and positively support each other in a inclusive, respectful and non-judgemental way. In short helping each other through acts of kindness.

Phloat created Bubble-ism — bubbly people blowing bubbles in public places. Non toxic and happy scented. Help spread happiness. Curb a crying child. And maybe bring a little peace to someone with a busy mind. I’d like to treat you all to some Bubble-ism - watch Melody Yang’s Gazillion Bubble show!

Join the Phloat community and blow some bubbles or offer another act of kindness to someone you meet!