Welcome to Wellbeing Wednesdays

We’re launching Wellbeing Wednesdays! for the DnA team.

At the last Leadership meeting, we reflected on how sometimes things can get a bit overwhelming — keeping up with ILRs past and current, with email traffic, juggling lots of different tasks and systems, keeping up with new Apps and software — there’s always a long list which can feel stressful and overwhelming at times.

The leadership team want to acknowledge and build on ways in which our excellent team can (and do) embed shared wellbeing into our team DnA!

There’s some great things already in place and underway to support our work:

  • The best practice guidelines to clarify processes and information
  • The trainers forum — our community space for supporting each other and sharing best practice
  • Trainers days — to build community and CPD into our DnA and learn about what’s new for DnA
  • Excellent ILR webinars — for peer support to make the paperwork side of things less daunting
  • Peer-to-peer buddy supervision — to build our relationships and encourage reflection on our practice

When we look at these things we have in place — we should be really proud of foundations and support we’ve built into our DnA.

In the Leadership team we’re aware that despite these forums sometimes things can still feel overwhelming and stress builds up, and we want to encourage keeping communications open and flowing. If you are struggling with any aspects of your DnA work let a member of the Leadership team know — we’re here to help and will support you to explore strategies to help lessen the load.

At times, the Leadership team may be in touch by phone, text or email to get an update on your training or support, or on your progress with ILRs. When feeling overwhelmed or stressed ignoring these communications can seem like a way of avoiding additional stress — however, this may be counter-productive to dealing with the situation and getting support to do so.

It’s important for the wellbeing of the team to keep the communication channels flowing and open so we embed shared wellbeing into our DnA. If any of the Leadership team get in touch with you, please always respond — even if it is to say things feel overwhelming and you would like some support.

To keep wellbeing on the agenda we want to promote Wellbeing Wednesdays! We’re going to post a weekly tip, a strategy, a fantastic quote, etc. that will encourage us to take a pause and think about how we can embed a greater sense of wellbeing into our DnA. We’d like the whole team to be involved and post their wellbeing tips on Wellbeing Wednesdays!

This week’s Wellbeing Wednesday! — this short video outlines how the stress response (fight/flight) is an ancient part of our survival mechanism. But unlike our ancient forebears who could rest and recover after stress we may live in a constant state of arousal with all of the harmful effects this has on our bodies. We need to learn to give ourselves time to stop and feel safe. This short 3-minute guided ‘breathing space’ meditation can be helpful to listen to at points of the day to keep us grounded in moments of stress to stop and feel safe.

Please feel free to email me, or any other members of the Leadership team directly if you would like to discuss anything in this email with me.

Jamie on behalf of The Leadership Team (Atif, Adam, Raphy, Tim, Billy and Jamie)