Forced to Work From Home? Maybe It’s a Blessing in Disguise?

When working remotely, you benefit much more from good working processes and proactive team members and you are punished much more severely for sloppy work processes and personal carelessness

When I heard about the possibility of working from home some 8 years ago at Welldone Software (recently merged with CodeValue), I had no idea what that meant. It even sounded pretty weird to me. How could my boss help me, and guide me? How will he know what I was working on? How do we coordinate and plan what works? And what about working in large teams?

Work from home
  • Updating the team members that the design was modified with a link to the update in the design tool
  • Choosing a programmer to implement the changes
  • Daily meetings and video chat
  • A group chat that is dedicated to entertainment and laughter (and not work)
  • Physical meetings on a weekly or bi-weekly basis
  • Corporate evenings at least once a quarter