How to Get Into the Web Development Field?

tl;dr build a website and understand as much as you can about it. Here is a suggestion for something you can begin with.

Vitali Zaidman
Mar 3, 2017 · 3 min read

In the previous article, we suggested building a basic program that will improve your knowledge and experience and add it to your CV as a proof of your advantage over others.

In this article, we will suggest an actual program for you to build.

The Program

The program we suggest to build is a simple to-do list that saves user information on the server that is published on a free hosting domain and can be accessed simply by following an URL.

This URL will both be very noticeable to your future boss and will probably impress him.

The Basics

If you are completely new to programming, this article is too advanced for you. Please read the previous article we posted on how to get to a level of a beginner.

In general, the basics of programming can be studied in the web development context. This, for example, is the most popular tutorial on YouTube, but there are many others. Just search “learn web development” in your favorite platform or search engine.

After you feel comfortable with the basics, let’s get right into business!

The Technologies

Don’t be scared! Each of these technologies has endless tutorials, discussions, and examples on all levels.

Understanding the concepts and the basic usage of each of them will put you way ahead of others:

We will not elaborate and not link tutorials on each of these technologies. Simply search for them in search engines, follow tutorials, and when you feel comfortable with it, add it to your project. Learning how to get information about programming is an essential skill in the world of programming and especially in the world of web development.

When searching, include the name of the technology and the words “beginner” and “tutorial” in your search words.

Make sure to play with them and that you feel comfortable with the technology itself before using it in the project.

Let’s Begin

Git- a Source Control

Learn what GitHub is and start a new public GitHub repository.

Modern JavaScript

Learn ES6 JavaScript, you will soon use it.

Functional Programming

Learn what is functional programming.

When you code to practice this, use ES6.


Style your application with SASS that creates CSS files.

Simply styling sites with CSS is very not recommended because they tend to get out of hand and become a mess very fast.

Bonus: Use the “CSS Modules” technology.


Now we start with one of the most important technologies around. Make sure you understand how it works, and create some super basic websites (Do not start with your program yet).


Redux is a technology that is used by many major website frameworks. Look for react-redux and that is how your software is going to be built. Here is a good example of a to-do list using this technology.

Use this guide (or any other) to get a basic react-redux website and improve it as much as you can.

Node.js + Express

Now let’s connect the user to the internet!

Learn what Node.js is and how to use it.

Wrap your website with a simple Node.js server and run in locally.

Here is a good tutorial on how to do it and it also includes our next section.


This tool will let you publish your website on the internet with a public URL for free! This is the URL you are going to add to your CV.

Use this tool to publish your work so far.

In this point, you can call yourself a modern web developer. After all- you published your very first site using modern technologies.

This is probably enough to impress your future employer, but the next step will improve your application quite a bit and will teach you something very important.


Now that your website is running inside Node.js, save what the user does on the server. Expose API calls to save his to-do list. You can start with saving to a basic object and not to a database.

Use the redux-query library to communicate with the Node.js server.

More Ideas

  • Connect the server to a basic database.

Good Luck!

Welldone Software

The leading full-stack consultancy.

Vitali Zaidman

Written by ⎝(•ω•)⎠

Welldone Software

The leading full-stack consultancy. Creating amazing frontends and rock-solid backends using top notch technologies and practices. Visit us at

Vitali Zaidman

Written by ⎝(•ω•)⎠

Welldone Software

The leading full-stack consultancy. Creating amazing frontends and rock-solid backends using top notch technologies and practices. Visit us at

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