Why Did You Render v4 Released!

TypeScript support, Custom hooks tracking (like React-Redux’s useSelector), Tracking of all pure components.

Vitali Zaidman
Jan 27 · 2 min read

So what’s new in @welldone-software/why-did-you-render v4?

TypeScript Support

Improved Overall Stability

Tracking of all Pure Components

Using this option is very convenient because now you don’t need to explicitly set whyDidYouRender = true on components (although you still can). Instead, you can assume all pure components needs to tracked, and to be as efficient as possible without redundant re-renders.

Notice: you can turn off whyDidYouRender anytime for specific components by using whyDidYouRender = false on them.

Tracking of Custom Hooks


In the following example, BrokenBigPureComponent (Imagine that it includes many calculations and returns a huge React element) is re-rendered on every single state change.

That’s right! This component is re-rendered on every call to dispatch.
Can you understand why?

A problematic component that renders on every state change

By adding the latest why-did-you-render with trackAllPureComponents and trackExtraHooks we would ensure a warning is omitted to the for each such redundant render.

Using why did you render with tracking of all pure components and tracking of the useSelector hook


  • All pure components are tracked now, including BrokenBigPureComponent.
  • The React-Redux’s useSelector is tracked.

This example shows @welldone-software/why-did-you-render is stronger and more useful than ever!

Check it out for yourself in the following sandbox.

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Thanks to Dani Kenan

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