You deserve a 5-minute break

Think of watering your plants as a mini-escape during your hectic day.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes by Wednesday, it already feels like it’s been a long week. When things get super busy, especially in the midst of building a growing startup, I can have a tendency to let everything go — exercise, healthy diet, and generally tending well to myself.

Thus, in an effort to combat the general chaos that can engulf my personal life when professional goals take priority, our team has introduced: #welltendedwednesdays. This is not only our day that we reserve exclusively for watering our plant collection, but it’s also our reminder — right there smack in the middle of the week — to take a moment to breathe and to take care of ourselves. 
Frankly, if we’re too busy to take five minutes for ourselves and for our plants — whether at home or at work — something is probably off balance. Personally, I love my indoor garden for exactly this purpose — its grounds me and reminds me to slow down and savor the little moments.

Hoping that Welltended can offer you similar moments of peace. 
Take care!
Carolyn Snider, Founder & CEO