Camping: You Don’t Have to be Far From Home!

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While the usual idea of camping is by the mountain or lakeside, it really doesn’t have to be miles from home. There’s a closer, and definitely more inexpensive location: your own backyard! There are plenty of benefits to having a getaway just seconds from home. In fact, it could be used as a learning experience for children for future camping events!

Forget something?

Just go back home to retrieve it! It’s highly recommended that you and your family treat the backyard getaway as you would any other to add to the experience — but if worse comes to worst, home is only a few feet away. This could also teach you and your kids to know how to pack the essentials, and leave any excess baggage at home.

All inclusive!

When we think of camping outdoors we usually correlate it to activities like hiking; however, these kinds of activities may exclude individuals who are not suited to strenuous activities. Setting up camp right in the comfort of your own backyard opens up the possibilities of spending time with loved ones who aren’t well equipped for heavy lifting or prolonged cardio exercises. Fun for everyone!

Family time

Vacations can be costly, and the planning stages can be difficult. With backyard camping, it doesn’t have to be! If you and your loved ones are just looking to spend some quality time with each other while still relishing the outdoors, this idea may just be the perfect fit.

But what’s there to do in your backyard?

Plenty, of course! Treat it as you would any other camping trip. The long sunny hours could be spent playing new board games, or learning how to read maps and compasses. If there are no ongoing fire bans, what’s stopping you from some campfire tales and grilled food? And if it’s dark enough out, why not do some stargazing? Summer nights often have cloudless skies, which is perfect for enjoying the skyward view. The possibilities are endless!

If you’re looking for a short break from everyday life, but not necessarily looking to pay for the escape, try backyard camping! It’s sure to leave you with an experience for the books.

Originally published at on June 22, 2017.

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