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Store, Analyze, and Make Sense of Data from Your Apps & Gadgets

345 charts. 99 integrations. 111 metrics you won’t get anywhere else.

Make sense of your Apple Health and Apple Watch data with Welltory’s My Data — the world’s first AI-driven toolkit that analyzes your data from 99 different apps and gadgets to help you see how your lifestyle impacts your health and work.

Sort your data by category, track progress on 345 charts, and scan it all for correlations to uncover factors that help you boost productivity, reduce blood pressure and stress, or sleep better. No matter what your goals are, My Data has the tools to help you reach them.

You collect a ton of data. Now there’s a simple way to track it all in one place.

Health apps, fitness gadgets, home weather stations, productivity trackers. Sync them all, and Welltory will file your data into charts, sorting it into handy categories you can use to keep tabs on every aspect of your life.

Here’s how My Data helps people become better versions of themselves.

Devin, 37, Financial Analyst, Ironman:

I always rely on metrics to make decisions, so I bought every gadget out there to self-track while training for the Ironman. I failed over and over before I finally got to Hawaii in 2018 — crazy experience!

Garmin, Fitbit, and the Polar Chest strap are great, but their progress monitoring was hell. You tap on each session to see your stats, so there is no way to even check how my time in different cardio zones changed from one day to the next. I spent hours entering the numbers into Excel.

With My Data, I can delete that nightmare of a spreadsheet. I sync all the gadgets I use, and there are dozens of charts showing my workout stats by day, week, or month.

Here are my cardio zones for the past 12 workouts:

My cardio zones for the past 12 workouts

Finally, a home for all my data. I don’t know if I’ll do the Ironman again, but I’ll use Welltory to train for other triathlons. I wish it had been around earlier!

Don’t just track data, crunch it for insights. See how your lifestyle impacts your health & work.

Your health, performance, and even mood are often the result of some combination of factors — what you eat, how much you move, when you fall asleep, even air quality.

My Data features the world’s smartest dashboard that scans all of your data for correlations, unveiling exactly how all of these factors are affecting you.

Joanna, 34, Copywriter:

Pasta has been making me procrastinate for years, it turns out!

I started working remotely so I can spend more time with my 5-year-old, but being home was distracting. Every time I sat down to write, I’d remember I have to fold laundry and before I knew it, I’d be arguing with my aunt on Facebook.

RescueTime is a neat tool I’ve used for years — it analyzes the apps and websites I use, then generates a productivity score that shows how much time I spent procrastinating. I kept seeing my score drop, but couldn’t stop it.

When I synced it with Welltory, my world changed — there was a 73% correlation between my carb consumption and productivity the next day.

There is a 73% correlation between my carb consumption and productivity the next day

My family is Italian so I’m a huge fan of pasta, pizza, and everything carb. I cut back, and the difference was day and night. I actually Googled it and found tons of info about carbs and the brain in David Perlmutter’s Grain Brain.

Welltory’s correlation auto-search will deliver some of your biggest “a-ha!” moments, using your data to help you make minor adjustments that are guaranteed to leave you feeling, working, and training better.

— Does a drop in atmospheric pressure affect your productivity? Plan to do routine work on those days instead of fighting your body.

— Chat apps making your stress levels spike? You may need zero-communication ‘quiet days’ at work to perform and feel better.

— Sleep better when you turn off your computer before 7.00PM? Now you know what’s driving your insomnia.

Unlike the advice you get from self-help gurus and bloggers, you know for sure these insights that have the power to help you change. Because it’s YOUR data. It’s YOUR proofs.

David, 25, Junior Developer:

I wasn’t hoping to lose weight when I started using Welltory, but here I am.

I’ve always struggled with weight. I’ve tried pre-packaged meals, gym buddies, even pills that suppress hunger. Nothing worked, and all of it felt like I was drowning in endless calorie restrictions. I gave up, because I was sick of obsessing over food.

But after Welltory analyzed my data, I discovered connections I hadn’t thought of before. Like how the time I spend in front of a screen watching Game of Thrones affects my calorie intake:

Watching TV shows late at night made me eat more

I looked into it, and found a study from the University of Houston that shows more time watching TV means more unhealthy eating.

And screen time isn’t the only factor. Late nights were making me eat more, and so was going to the gym before work. When I understood where my cravings came from, I could take charge of them without dieting.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t magically drop 20 lbs overnight. But I did lose 5 lbs after shutting down my laptop by 8PM for a whole month.

Stop wasting time and money on things that don’t work. Test new habits with data.

If you’re trying something new, My Data gives you the tools you need to see how the change affects you. Just watch what happens to your key metrics after introducing a new habit, and you have your answer.

Geoff, 42, Middle School English Teacher:

I went on a self-improvement journey after my divorce. Realized I can’t wallow in my own misery, because I need to be a good role model for the kids at school.

I’ve Marie Kondo-ed my apartment (nothing I owned brought joy), tried Keto (it sucks, went plant-based instead), and started using Welltory. At first I just wanted an app that would give me quick stress readings before work, but then I saw I could use it to help me test new habits.

Like I started boxing because I thought it would help me unwind. But week after week, I saw my stress levels spiking on days after I worked out:

Boxing did nothing to bring my stress levels down

But swimming? Brought them right down. Good thing I hadn’t bought that boxing club membership yet.

I’ll see what else I can learn — maybe this thing can help me start dating.

Stay in the know like never before. If something’s off, the data will show it right away.

Everything important is right there on the main screen. Just one swipe shows your averages for the past 7 days across 9 key categories — HRV, Activity, Nutrition, Workouts, Meditation, Productivity, Sleep, Weather, and Health.

Shelby, 31, Cost Accountant

My Data is like a soothing balm for my hypervigilance.

I’m slightly more paranoid than the average person. I wander through life anxious that something might be off, and being diagnosed with hypertension 2 years ago didn’t help. I’m always getting extra check-ups, and sometimes I check my blood oxygen levels just to be sure.

It may seem strange, but hey, all of this double-checking is why people trust me to get their finances in order.

So I love that Welltory gives me these 9 key metrics on the main screen, with trends that show how much my averages changed in the past 7 days:

I like to check my stats just to keep my finger on the pulse

I can tap on it any time to make sure there are no drastic changes, and it gives me instant reassurance that everything is going smoothly. Or if something is off — like my health metrics slip or I’ve been moving less than I usually do, it will alert me so I know something is up.

Another bonus for expert self-trackers: Welltory uses your data to calculate an additional 111 metrics you can’t get anywhere else. Track heart rate zones for workouts, stats for your walks, total calories burned in a day, and more.

How do you get started? Sync your data, we’ll do the rest

The best part about My Data is how uncomplicated it is to use. Just plug in your apps and gadgets, and our AI will work its magic to show you which lifestyle factors impact your health and productivity the most. So head on over and check it out — there are 99 apps & gadgets to sync, like Apple Health and Apple Watch.

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