Tennis Pros That Meditate

Roger Federer

Former №1 says visualization as a form of meditation turned his career around. His confidence and precision increased when he started regularly meditating and visualizing himself winning matches by running powerful, playing brilliantly, and managing pressure.

Milos Raonic

Current world’s №7 practices meditation between side changes. You can often see Raonic meditating by tapping his fingers on his legs. There are many forms and ways to meditate, his way is to re-create his piano lessons on court.

Novak Djokovic

The world №1 has been a regular meditator for years. In his book he gives examples of how Mindfulness has helped him: “I used to freeze up whenever I made a mistake, Mindfulness helps me focus and turn down the volume in my brain”, said Djokovic.

Andrea Petkovic

28 year old and World’s №41 dedicates at least 30 minutes a day to meditation. After getting injured she turned to meditation to strengthened her mental game, she says that it has helped her a great deal in coping with the pain and the frustration of being injured.