Breaking News: Launching Wemark’s Marketplace and Announcing Deposits

Tai Kaish
Tai Kaish
Jul 8, 2018 · 3 min read

After months of sweat, anticipation, new partnerships, and over 1 million submitted images, we’re proud to announce that we’re ahead of schedule and ready to launch the alpha version of Wemark’s marketplace.

The time has come — you can now search and view over 130K images from some of the world’s most inspiring creators and content providers. This is just the tip of the iceberg — we’ll continue adding images from our growing library the coming weeks, as well as content from new partners as they get on board.

This alpha version of Wemark’s marketplace enables customers to use WMK tokens to instantly license and download content, paying photographers directly for their work.

The new

We’re launching our alpha — and we’re ahead of schedule!

Weeks ahead of schedule, our search functionalities and image collections are available sooner than expected, which means that issuing and distributing WMK tokens is the final step towards empowering direct transactions between photographers and customers. We couldn’t be more excited to announce that starting from tomorrow (Monday, July 9th), we’ll allow contributors to buy tokens early by making a deposit.

When the TGE finishes, customers will be able to begin licensing and downloading images for their upcoming projects using their newly acquired WMK tokens.

Announcing deposits — buy WMK before the sale starts!

The launch of our marketplace in alpha also means we can begin accepting deposits from early contributors who now have access to the entire product experience except the use of tokens to license images.

We’ll hold two rounds of deposits, each lasting 7 days.

During these two weeks, whitelisted users can make deposits and will receive bonus tokens based on the how early they contribute. To keep the process streamlined and consistent, all tokens must be purchased using ETH currency.

Below is a breakdown of how this will work:

1st Round of Deposits (July 9th-July 16th) — Up to 30% bonus tokens.
25% bonus tokens + 5% additional bonuses for contributions over 10 ETH.
Closed before schedule — read here

2nd Round of Deposits (July 16th-24th) — Up to 25% bonus tokens.
20% bonus + 5% additional bonuses for contributions over 10 ETH.

Deposits are not guaranteed to be accepted — We reserve the right to reject deposits or decrease their amount before we approve. We’ll review all stages of deposits until the TGE on July 24th. In the rare case that a deposit is made for over 10 ETH but we decide to reduce its amount below 10 ETH, we will commit to giving the additional promised bonus.

Please note: All deposits must be sent from the same wallet that was verified during the whitelist registration — WMK tokens will be sent to this address after the sale.

Important: do not wire funds to any ETH address other than the wallet address published on Due to the increased interest in our sale, there are hundreds of scam attempts every week.
We will never send you any wallet address via email, Telegram or any channel other than our official website. Please be extra careful and contact us with any questions or concerns you have about our sale or the process of contributions.

In case the hard cap is reached with approved deposits, the public sale will be canceled.

Don’t miss out! Make sure you’re whitelisted before Monday and take part in our token sale. The sooner you join, the higher bonus you’ll receive.

Click here to get whitelisted for the sale

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The blockchain-based marketplace for digital content, starting with photos. Learn more @

Tai Kaish

Written by

Tai Kaish

Co-Founder & CEO at Wemark



The blockchain-based marketplace for digital content, starting with photos. Learn more @

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