Wemark and Showbox partner to make image access available to video creators everywhere

Wemark partners with Showbox.com to help creators, marketers, and businesses around the world license high-quality photos from the Wemark collection without leaving Showbox’s platform.

Shenhav Yehuda
Jul 3, 2018 · 3 min read

One of the biggest challenges for many of today’s brands — from startups to large agencies — is quickly creating compelling video content that will move the needle despite shrinking production budgets. And with video increasingly becoming the go-to content type for moving that needle, it’s vital that everyone has access to the right tools and visual content to stay fresh, engaging and relevant.

Today, we’re excited to announce a partnership with Showbox, an exciting brand making robust video technology accessible to all, who recently introduced blockchain to help extend their technology even further.

Showbox helps brands ignite their fans by creating simple tools empowering them to quickly and effectively create branded video at scale, even if they don’t have the editing skills of the pros. Users get access to features including background replacement, rich graphics themes, teleprompters and virtual studios, alongside endless video formats to create compelling content wherever they are — using their mobile phone. In just five years, the lean 10 employee team has built a growing community of 250,000 active users including the United Nations, The London Stock Exchange, and Twitch, and has already raised $15M in funding.


“We’re excited to have the opportunity to tap into Showbox’s large user-base and connect with another established media partner using the blockchain to democratize creativity with a product we use and love,” says Wemark co-founder Roy Meirom. “The partnership extends our outreach and visibility to a wide spectrum of customers. It gives them access to premium imagery directly from a service they already use — without having to leave Showbox’s app.”

Through our partnership, Wemark will provide Showbox’s community with API access to our collection of premium images to use in their videos. This positions us to help easily discover great content for all who need it, while ensuring creators are paid for their grit and talent.

“As a firm believer in the decentralized economy,” adds Showbox CEO Amir Zilberman, “Showbox is excited to partner with decentralized companies like Wemark. We’re putting the power back in the hands of the creators, and helping them gain recognition and monetize their creations without having large organizations rip them off. We see Wemark as a perfect companion in the journey to helping creators own their creations.”

Showbox joins Wibbitz and others as one of Wemark’s first API partners. This will allow content marketers, social media managers, ad agencies, businesses large and small, and various other users of large-scale apps to license and access images directly from photographers. It will help introduce many customers to Wemark’s ecosystem early-on and will expose more potential customers to Wemark’s platform and the concept of licensing content directly from creators.

“Blockchain enables the removal of intermediaries,” says Zilberman. “It allows customers and creators to handle everything openly, transparently and collaboratively. This is what Showbox and Wemark are looking to do — remove the middlemen and bring the power back to the creators.”

Our collaboration with Showbox is one of many efforts to create an early awareness of Wemark among consumers of commercial images. We plan to announce many more partnerships like this in the coming months. We’re excited to have Showbox as one of our early partners.

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Shenhav Yehuda

Written by

Marketing Director at Wemark



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