WeMeta announces $1.1m funding round to help users buy, sell & build in the Metaverse

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5 min readNov 3, 2021


WeMeta, the world’s foremost market for understanding Metaverse Land, is extremely excited to announce the recent closing of our initial funding round with participation from 7 strategic partners alongside 6 angel investors.

This consortium of partners includes Delphi Digital, DeFi Alliance, Digital Currency Group, Galaxy Interactive, Hashed, SkyVision Capital and Tribe Capital with angel support from Andy Chorlian (Fractional), Darren Lau (The Daily Ape), John Fiorelli (Kenetic), and Navi Singh (Antler).

We are deeply appreciative of David Post, Keenan Olsen, and SkyVision Capital for their guidance and support.

We are beyond thrilled to work alongside our amazing partners and long-term supporters to help bring the Metaverse to life and provide a platform for web3 games.

WeMeta was born at ETHGlobal’s Web3Weekend hackathon in May 2021 out of a need for a unified interface to browse NFT Land across the Metaverse. Since then, our vision has been focused on making the Metaverse more accessible, more useful and easier to understand for users all across the world.

Land is a platform. Always has been.

Land in the Metaverse is a platform as well; with an unbound eternity of offerings to support endlessly unique user groups, each looking to find homes, build experiences, and grow communities within the Metaverse. WeMeta is building the interface for that to happen.

WeMeta will use the raised capital to continue building out our multi-chain marketplace & aggregator, onboard a fleet of new games, invest in our community, and accelerate the development of tools that help users get the most out of their digital real estate.

Why WeMeta

SkyVision Capital

“WeMeta identifies the issue of metaverses where there is little to no aggregation of information surrounding fair market pricing and standards towards digital real estate assets. WeMeta aims to solve these problems by becoming an invaluable tool — assisting novice to expert collectors — with gaining greater insights and analytics in evaluating NFTs and land.

The WeMeta team have a strong background in product design and their aim of building a community-focused platform with emphasis on a friendly UI/UX will be instrumental towards the growth and development of the various metaverse ecosystems. SkyVision Capital is proud to be early supporters of WeMeta, the ‘Zillow of Web 3.0’.”

— Sandra Wu

DeFi Alliance

“WeMeta’s founders look rare, top 5%. Bonus, their project fits our thesis that NFT marketplaces will specialize. In this case, their efforts to focus on productive NFTs are a necessity. This growing crypto sector has specific users with their own search/data requirements that shouldn’t be genericized along with pfps or procedurally generated art projects”

— Qiao Wang

Delphi Digital

“Similar to Zillow’s rise to fame showcasing properties in the physical world, WeMeta is positioning to become the dominant digital real estate aggregator and analytics platform for the metaverse.

WeMeta addresses the pain points of buying digital land as today users struggle to navigate poor user interfaces, a sea of fragmented listings and face issues determining what factors drive value for specific land parcels. Ali, Winston and team have demonstrated a relentless hustle to solve these issues and make the future of seamless digital real estate purchases a reality”.

— Tom Shaughnessy

Digital Currency Group

“At DCG, we have long believed that metaverses will become the dominant social platforms of the future. Today, we are on the cusp of the metaverse boom cycle. Awareness has accelerated as in-world games have spawned vibrant player communities, VR and AR technologies are paving the way for interactive media that is both captivating and enriching, and the tooling and systems required for sophisticated virtual real estate markets are is emerging.

WeMeta is a critical part of the metaverse development stack — giving virtual land and goods owners and shoppers the ability to easily manage and monetize sell their assets, and driving innovation across worlds.”

— Matt Beck, Director of Investments

Galaxy Interactive

“Today, there is a lack of data, insights, analytics and accessibility into the fast burgeoning market for virtual land. WeMeta solves a real pain point by giving collectors the ability to buy, sell and manage digital land using an intuitive interface for the first time.”

— Richard Kim


“We are excited about our investment in WeMeta since it perfectly captures our investment thesis in utilizing on-chain data, offering actionable commercial insights and seamlessly connecting them to enhanced user experience. The combination will be integral to the digital landscape of metaverse ownership in the near future, and we believe that the team’s expertise and experience will carry it forward to the next level!”

— Ryan Kim

Tribe Capital

“As we increasingly live more of our lives in digital spaces, it’s only natural that value will accrue in digital real estate. We’re excited for WeMeta’s suite of products + larger marketplace to emerge as the preeminent place to browse, research, or transact with digital land.”

— Jared Madfes

What is WeMeta?

The Metaverse Land market is getting ready to blast off. WeMeta is here to provide a platform where people can educate and onboard themselves to the Metaverse.

Through our interactive hub, you can find Land aggregated across several Metaverse games, along with key metrics & insights which can be leveraged to help make sound decisions and invest in the rapidly developing Metaverse community.

  • Aggregator, Marketplace
  • Land analytics, management
  • Land visuals, world maps, summaries
  • Price prediction, model explanation
  • Metaverse Leaderboards

If you know anyone who might be interested in joining the team, please feel free to reach out to us on Discord or visit our openings at wemeta.world/careers.


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