12 Bonus and Incentives To Keep You Happy On WeMove Rally

WeMove Technologies
Oct 3, 2019 · 3 min read

Book a tour with your favorite tour operator through Rally and get rewarded. We are constantly exploring new partnerships in order to discover more ways to make you happy.

Ever pictured a market place for tourism? That one stop to book all group tour packages at the best price. Then you are welcome to WeMove Rally (https://rally.wemove.co). In addition to the wide range of tour packages to book from (including; local, continental and International tours), we also list tours based on categories to match your personality type. Like romantic, religious, educational, culinary and out door adventures, among many others. Then we tip the scale further in your favor by giving you more in the form of bonuses, promotions and other incentives, to help you spend less on more value while making every trip a memorable one.

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Here is a list of the bonus, promotions and incentives available on Rally. (T&C applies)

  1. Staff Users’ Discount (From WeMove): This is available exclusively to users who have been added as staff members under a corporate organization registered on Rally. Through this scheme WeMove grants you a 3% discount on your first tour package in each quarter of the year.
  2. Staff Users’ Discount (From partner organization): In addition to WeMove’s discount for registered staff users, your organization may further subsidize the cost of your tour packages. This is decided based on your staff level set by the admin for your organization’s Rally account. This is capped at a maximum of 7%. Allowing a combined discount of 10% on your first tour per quarter.
  3. Rally Affiliate Network Bonus: WeMove allows you as a socially active individual to register as a Rally affiliate agents, and use your existing networks to sell re-sell available tour packages. As a registered affiliate agent you get 3% of the payment made by a customer using your unique link. find out more here.
  4. Corporate Referral Bonus: This is available to you when you successfully refer an organization to sign up on Rally using the unique Companies Referral URL in your Rally dashboard. You get 2% (up to NGN20,000 or US$65) of the payment made by each staff registered by that organization, when they take their first tour.
  5. Individual Referral Bonus: You get this when you successfully refer an individual to sign up on Rally using your personal User Referral URL in your Rally dashboard. You get 2% (up to NGN20,000 or US$65) of the payment made by that user, when they take their first tour.
  6. Tour Package Bonus: Tour operators on Rally often give out bonuses as a means of appreciating users who purchase their packages. These bonuses come as add-ons to existing offerings for tour packages. It is often given to regular customers.
  7. Discount Coupon: Always keep an eye out for coupons codes. These could give you access to discounts or extra bonuses for select tour packages. Rally coupon codes can be offered by WeMove or any of our partners.
  8. Free Travel Consultation: Check out available Tour Operators who charge NGN0 0r US$0 for consultation and ask away! Enjoy valuable tips and updates on different tour destinations.
  9. Tour Package Bonus (From promotions partner): WeMove is constantly exploring new partnerships in order to discover new ways to reward you for touring using Rally. Signup for our newsletter or follow us on social media @wemovetourism and engage. There’s definitely a new partnership promotion coming soon!
  10. Monthly Promotion: Users stand a chance to win grand prices every month they purchase a tour package from Rally. These are subject to unique terms and conditions. So always check out what is on offer through our newsletter, social media or rally.wemove.co homepage and play by the rules to become a winner.
  11. Time-based discount: Always be on the look out for time based discounts on available tour packages . These are often impromptu and available for a very limited time. (tip: pay attention to new tours and those with a fast approaching deadline).
  12. WeMove RST Bonus: Join the WeMove team of remote sales agents and enjoy our contract staff benefits.

Rally is a product of WeMove Technologies Ltd. leveraging technology, human-centered design and shared value to promote happiness using tourism.

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