Growth Marketing Case Study: WeFund Health

Uncovering curated healthtech opportunities

  • Client: WeFund Health
  • Industry: FinTech
  • Target Audience: Accredited Investors & HealthTech Startups
  • Website:

The Challenge:

Wemultiply was approached by WeFund Health, a healthtech investment platform connecting pre-qualified investors to curated investment opportunities. Business objectives were three fold:

(i) brand and position the company as a leader in healthtech investing through content marketing and email marketing

(ii) create the company’s one pager, executive summary, and business plan in preparation for a fundraising campaign

(iii) develop the minimal viable product of the healthtech investment platform

Wemultiply set to work creating a turnkey brand identity for WeFund Health, covering a wide scope of online and offline applications, including motion identity, marketing collateral, full website redesign, and entire user experience and interface for the company’s first product. Wemultiply explored and tested multiple design direction with the target audience prior to choosing one that worked with each target demographic — healthtech startups, advisors, and investors. Wemultiply integrated WeFund Health’s core values into a bold and multifaceted brand identity, which included a comprehensive website, business collateral (one pager, executive summary, pitch deck, business plan), marketing collateral, event stationary, social media content, and a branding strategy reflective of the company’s communication goals.

The Result:

Within six months of engagement, we successfully developed and launched the MVP of the WeFund Health investment platform, created the company’s business plan and investor presentations that assisted the seed fundraising campaign, and compiled a database of 4,000 registered accredited investors through a mix of content marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing. WeFund Health launched it’s product with 12 healthtech companies listing their deals on the platform, with 4 of them being funded through the platform within 3 month of launch.

Websites created

Video assets created

WeFund Health: Uncover Curated Healthtech Opportunities

Content assets created:

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