Trump on the Nets

It’s not often you get the opportunity to sit down with a presidential candidate to discuss the current state of your favorite team. Here’s what the leading GOP candidate had to say regarding the Brooklyn Nets.

On overspending in recent years:

Well, I will just say right now, I never would’ve made half the moves the front office made. In fact, I was openly against them and wrote an op-ed piece about it, which got great reviews. The bottom line is, the Nets were being led by stupid people who were spending millions and millions of dollars on players either way past their prime or who weren’t winners.

On Billy King:

Listen, I love Billy. He’s a terrific guy and a great friend, but he he’s a lousy negotiator. Clearly if he read my book he wouldn’t have let Danny Ainge and others rip him off in trades. If I was in charge, I would’ve told him a long time ago, “Billy, you’re fired”.

On Joe Johnson:

Joe has had a tremendous career but his time may have passed him by. To me, he’s just too low energy.

On Deron Williams:

The guy is totally overrated and his hair situation is a total joke. That being said, I also would’ve bought him out. The difference is, I would’ve replaced him with someone great.

On China:

People always say I don’t like China. I love China, I really do, but this is a country that gave us Yi Jianlian…a total loser.

On the YES Network:

They do a phenomenal job, but with the talent they have they should be getting much better ratings. You know, Frank DiGraci is a good friend of mine. Perhaps he should think of having me on sometime.

On the Brooklyn Brigade:

I love the Brigade. These are great people with tremendous energy and they love Trump.

On potentially owning the Nets one day:

People tell me all the time how they’d love for me to own the Nets and who can blame them. Even though I’m from Queens, there’s nothing I would want more then to make Brooklyn great again…or for the first time. You know, if Mikhail ever gets serious about selling his people can call mine, but you would have to ask him about that one.