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WeNaturalists — A Destination for People in Love with Nature

Finally, a dedicated place for naturalists is a reality!

A dedicated place to celebrate passion for nature, and everything it represents and offers.

‘Passionate people’ and ‘love for nature’ equal ‘WeNaturalists’. It is about people and their love for nature. It is about the collective power of ‘We’. And, most importantly, it is about being one in unity.

Civilizations, from the earlier times, have evolved and were built around communities. People who were held together through passion. They had common grounds of understanding and individual aspirations that fostered collective growth. And with this, progress happened.

It was true for ages. But somewhere down the line, technological advancements took over, globalization hit us and we lost the community aspect. We grew further apart as more and more people started interacting with each other globally. Cultures dissolved, and with it, common understanding between people was no more.

While the connectivity and access that technology brought were important for growth, there is one common line of thought that went missing in the global, post-modern, social-savvy present.

And, that common line of thought was ‘passion’.

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” — Oprah Winfrey

We’re all living in a time when finding your place of belonging is becoming tougher. Communities are no longer bound together because of a common passion. And because that is not the case, there cannot be a common accelerated growth that a common passion in a community can bring.

WeNaturalists aims to bring back the essence of passion into communities.

Why is it important to be in a community with common passion? There are all sorts of people we come across, but there are very few people who will make us feel welcome, make us feel a part of a collective. We all long for such a place.

WeNaturalists is that place.

We believe building communities based on passion can create a new form of belonging for everyone. One that is fundamental. One which is natural and instinctive for everyone. One which is innate.

In many ways, 2020 has become a pivoting point for our understanding of nature. The pandemic has only accelerated our realization of the complex relationship we share with nature, and more importantly, the part it plays in our day-to-day lives. 2020 has accelerated the need for a global thought around nature.

WeNaturalists is that thought.

We’re all Naturalists

WeNaturalists, in many ways, is a culmination of the voice for nature that has been growing. The time we all live in has forced us to feel the grace of nature.

WeNaturalists is a destination for the naturalist in us. It is a place for the unified voice of nature lovers.

It’s a place for the professionals who’ve dedicated their lives to the study of nature. It’s for the botanists and the environmentalists among us. It represents the carbon activists and the field rangers that needed a community they belonged to. It’s the place for nature photographers and birders to showcase the beauty nature has.

It’s for the climate change supporters so that they can build a voice. It’s for the eco-entrepreneurs to showcase the world that awaits us all. It’s for the wildlife researchers to showcase the diversity of beings in nature. It’s for the wildlife biologists to portray the diversity we have on this planet. And, it’s for the wildlife interpreters to showcase that underneath the skin every species is an earthling. It’s also for the sustainability professionals to help spread the word of co-existence.

It’s for businesses and organizations as well, that are operating in close collaboration with nature to showcase their offerings to a community that appreciates it. It’s for the safaris, the nature tourists, and the operators to enable movement to the most special of places on earth. It’s for the people who have helped create and preserve some of the most beautiful places of nature for us to enjoy. Not to forget, it’s also for the entities that are committed towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Most of all, it’s for the local communities around the world to talk about nature and to come together. It’s for all of us.

It’s all about the community

There have always been people of nature all over the world. But, what we didn’t have is a global community of people in love with nature. Ultimately, it’s a community where everyone is welcome. Because the only way to preserve and contribute towards the next generation is to come together and become a collective. A collective of people passionate about nature.

We understand that this can only be achieved with a community effort. And the community is for the growth of everyone.

WeNaturalists is also about creating life-long connections. It’s about celebrating our time here with nature. And in doing so finding people who will walk alongside us. It’s about finding opportunities along the way, and ultimately creating lasting change.

You can expect all-things-nature when you join WeNaturalists. It will keep you updated on the happenings and efforts from around the world related to nature. You can expect expert contributions from people who’re working hard in various fields related to nature. You will have the opportunity to participate in discussions of importance centered around nature. And most importantly, you will be able to find help when you need it the most — in your professional career related to nature.

Being a part of WeNaturalists, you’ll have the opportunity to talk to people who are driving real change around the world. You have the opportunity to join the movement and talk about it. You can share your thoughts and opinions, and bear witness to the evolution you helped create in the world.

And it doesn’t even end there. You will have the opportunity to build your global naturalist presence and showcase your efforts, thoughts, research, contributions, and projects related to nature. All of this with the help of your own personal profile.

Now, imagine the potential a community-driven by passion can have. Especially one which is focused and together and talks the same language as everyone else. Imagine the good we can contribute towards. Imagine the progress that can come about, the growth you can have, the push you can get, and the learning you can tap into

Come, Join The Evolution!


In the words of Naturalists themselves, WeNaturalists is what the world needed all along.

“With the increasing focus on nature, many opportunities are emerging for naturalists globally, but access and awareness are limited to personal connections. This is where, I think, WeNaturalists makes a difference. By connecting naturalists to opportunities with the potential to help them grow beyond their existing capacities.

If someone is a wildlife researcher, why stop at that! Having opportunities to be a wildlife interpreter or eco-entrepreneur or a sustainability professional is all possible easily now!” - Kartikeya Singh Chauhan, Naturalist, and Wildlife Management Professional

“WeNaturalists, as I see it, fills a major void that has existed for years. There was a missing link between the people and enterprises contributing to nature and the potential for them to grow and engage with the world. The void extends to everyone related to this space, be it wildlife and eco-tourism, training, or even advocacy. This platform brings everyone together under one umbrella. Outstanding prospect for the community!” - Graham Verceuil, Nature Guide and Trainer

“In a world with global issues that need tackling on a global scale, this is a fabulous way to connect and unite disciplines and like-minded communities.

WeNaturalists becomes a single destination for anyone interested in nature. It is a social and professional network for nature lovers enabling collective action!

Kudos to the idea and effort for bringing everyone in the natural world together!” - Julian Matthews, Ecotourism Expert & Advocate and Conservationist with TOFTigers




We love discussing nature, its powers, wonders, and mysteries. Every effort, every cause, every voice will find a place here! Let’s create endless possibilities for growth — together.

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WeNaturalists is bringing Nature Professionals and Organizations together with customized tools to network, learn, work and collaborate. For a larger impact.

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