All inclusive renewable energy gateway gaining the body: WePower platform preview & trial with major Australian energy retailer

Last Friday we have finished the StartupBootCamp Accelerator program in Australia. During a closed door event organized by StartupBootCamp, called the Demo Day, we presented the results of our last 3 months work. Today we want to share these results with our community, token holders, partners and biggest supporters who share the same vision — to enable everyone to shift our world to a sustainable energy future.

Here is what we have achieved in a relatively short period of time:

  • Prepared the first release of the WePower platform — platform’s Alpha version 1;
  • Defined a business model for the Australian energy market, which will provide a technological layer helping Australian companies connect electricity buyers and producers in a clear and transparent way;
  • Signed a partnership agreement with one of the leading gas and electricity retailers in Australia — Energy Australia, under which we are going to test WePower with their customers.

Platform’s Alpha Version 1

Take a look at the Platform’s Alpha version 1:

I started the presentation by walking through our technical roadmap, covering the focus of our development team. I then presented the first release of WePower Alpha version 1 Also, during the platform’s preview presentation I showcased the registration procedure, energy auction profiles, energy buying and trading functionality and the WPR token depositing options.

Next step for the engineering team is to open the our Alpha version 1 to a broader group of early testers. This release is planned for June 2018 and will be focused on the following:

  • Complete the tests with a limited number of WPR token holders and gather their feedback;
  • Start registering renewable energy producers in Spain and Australia;
  • Start registering potential energy buyers and investors.

The approach to release the platform in stages is chosen to encourage transparency in the blockchain industry, show progress of our team and support WePower sales. Soon we will also upload our materials on Github. However, it will show only the development progress without disclosing the code publicly in order to protect commercial secrecy and competitive advantage of WePower.

The next big milestone in platform’s development is set for September 2018, when platform’s Alpha version 2 is planned to be released. This version will provide the extended platform functionality, as well as allow people to finalise the KYC processes to be able to express the interest and participate in the first energy auctions set to take place in November.

Major Partnership with EnergyAustralia

As it was mentioned earlier, this year we started an intensive SBC EnergyAustralia accelerator program. This programme not only provided us with a priceless opportunity to get to know the Australian market better, adapt our business model to the current market structure, but also to find indispensable friends — Trevor Townsend, Richard Celm and all the SBC team.

In Australia we are going to work as a technology company enabling various energy companies (energy retailers, energy brokers and aggregators) — to connect renewable energy buyers with producers in a clear and transparent way. The developed model helps WePower to immediately scale and neatly fit into the Australian energy market and its ecosystem. The model is shaped to allow everyone in Australia to benefit from WePower product — flexible, liquid, cheaper and transparent, renewable energy for energy buyers or upfront cash to build green energy projects to the renewable energy developers.

The developed business model will be tested with one of the biggest energy retailers in Australia — EnergyAustralia. It is servicing 2.6 million customer accounts. Energy Australia belongs to the CLP Group, which also owns China Light and Power Co Ltd — one of two main electric power generation companies in Hong Kong. Together with EnergyAustralia, we are going to start trialing the WePower platform with real customers and tokenize real energy data in Australia.

We have been very busy working towards the Demo Day event with EnergyAustralia and other program mentors to structure our business and product development approach tailored to the Australian energy market and customer needs. What we have set out to build is unprecedented in the Energy industry but we are confident that with such strong partners as EnergyAustralia we are on the fast track to deliver our goals and realise our mission.

“For EnergyAustralia, success of our Accelerator program means delivering reliable, affordable and cleaner energy for all Australians. We’re looking for the next wave of innovative ideas to make that happen. That’s why we’re excited to be partnering with WePower; a progressive startup at the forefront of blockchain platform technology.” said Andrew Perry, Energy Australia Executive, NextGen.

Once we finish the test, we will be ready to enter the Australian market and start providing services.

This development will bring WPR tokens application to the masses by extending WPR token use to every household in Australia.