Entering Australia with the support of SBC and local energy companies!

Aukse Sia
Aukse Sia
Dec 13, 2017 · 4 min read

Dear WePower supporters,

On 13th of December, 2017 Startupbootcamp Accelerator (SBC) announced that WePower is one of eleven energy companies, from a pool of thousands of global applications, to be chosen for the prestigious Australian energy track program.

This global recognition marks several significant achievements to WePower and all of us:

1.WePower will enter Australia in Q1 2018. WePower will scale in Spain and Australia simultaneously.

2. One of the biggest accelerators in the world SBC has chosen WePower to be its first portfolio company using a token ecosystem to incentivize and facilitate green energy adoption. This globally recognized accelerator is now a part of the crypto community supporting blockchain and its adoption.

One of the biggest accelerators in the world SBC has chosen WePower to be its first portfolio company using a token ecosystem to incentivize and facilitate green energy adoption.

3. Leading Australian companies will support WePower in entering and scaling in Australia:

a) Energy Australia— one of Australia’s largest energy companies, servicing the energy needs of over 2.6 million accounts and approximately 1.7 million customers nationally. Energy Australia owns and operates a multibillion-dollar energy generation portfolio, including coal, gas and wind assets.

b) Spotless — the largest integrated facilities management services provider with clients across Australia and New Zealand with revenue close to 3.2 billion USD.

c) DiUS — Australian technology services company dedicated to helping companies of all sizes innovate through emerging technology and its intelligent business application.

4.Trevor Townsend joins WePower team to help with scaling the company in Australia. Trevor is head of this Energy program and has an extensive background in Melbourne as an investor, director and founder. He was the Managing Director, Australasia at TIBCO Software, a Silicon Valley startup, which listed on NASDAQ in 2004, and designed the first wholesale energy software trading system in Australia during this time. He also has over 15 years of angel investing experience with numerous exits including two ASX listings.

SBC announced that WePower is one of ten energy companies to be chosen for the prestigious Australian energy track program.

“We are absolutely thrilled to join the energy track of Australia’s Startupbootcamp Accelerator program, as it is both a huge honour and achievement to have been chosen as one of the top energy startups from around the globe,” — our CEO Nikolaj Martyniuk said. “We will be able to work directly with some of Australia’s largest energy companies and providers, implementing our technology in Australia, to raise capital for green development projects and fix energy grid inefficiencies associated with high renewable energy penetration.”

Among advisors of this energy program you can find other major Australian companies like CityPower & PowerCor, Viva Energy Australia, Sustainability Victoria, Clean Technology Partners, EnergyLab, Telstra, KHQ, Peer Academy, KPMG, Melbs Uni Teralab, Austpost, Levvel, Wilson Parking, Nova Systems, Clean Tek Market, Two Space, Randstad Newhouse, Nexec, Take2, Global Entrepreneurship Foundation and many other.

Startupbootcamp is one of the world’s biggest startup accelerators with a global family of 20 industry-focused programs including IoT & Data Tech, Health, FinTech, Commerce, Food, Smart City & Living, Transportation and Energy. Startupbootcamp supports startups with direct access to an international network of 140 corporate partners, 3300+ mentors and events in more than 100 cities each year. Startupbootcamp has accelerated 460+ startups that have raised millions after graduation and continue to benefit from STBC expert community of alumni, partners and mentors.

“We are happy and thrilled to be in business with WePower! We see a lot of potential here in Australia and across the globe for the renewable energy market and people.” — the co-founder of SBC Ruud Hendriks said.

Being selected for the prestigious accelerator program will support WePower’s goals of streamlining and simplifying the investment process and funding of green energy projects, and give the company the opportunity to engage with industry experts and leaders in order to scale its business and become an industry-leading company.

“The 11 companies we have selected for our Smart Energy program are on the forefront of energy innovation, and WePower are bringing innovation to the financing of Solar projects and allows all consumers to participate in the green power revolution.
In Australia we’ve seen a huge focus on FinTech, EduTech and other industries facing disruption and we are well-placed to be a global leader when it comes to innovative energy products and services. As an economy, we’ve always been on the forefront of energy production, especially with the ongoing political and corporate discourse with South Australia’s energy crisis,” — Trevor Townsend said. “Through SBC’s global network of more than 140 corporate partners as well as the key players we have on board here in Melbourne, we’re confident the startups we’ve selected have the ability to not only change energy in Australia, but all over the world.”

Australia, we are coming!

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