How to buy WPR in the pre-token sale?

Aukse Sia
Aukse Sia
Oct 5, 2017 · Unlisted

Update: pre-sale is closed.

WePower is a social responsible business. For this reason, WePower is collecting KYC data of the contributors. To do this during the pre-sale of WePower tokens (WPR), we had to include intermediaries — partners that provide infrastructure to buy tokens and establish identity of the contributors. Selected partners provide different payment methods and customer support in different languages.


For the pre-token sale, WePower has 3 partners with different payment options:

  • TokenLot. It is an ICO brokerage service provider. TokenLot gives you the flexibility to buy WPR tokens with any digital currency using Shapeshift. You can register here:
  • Bitcoin Suisse. It is a Swiss-based financial service provider specializing in crypto-assets. Bitcoin Suisse has supported Tezos, Bancor, Status and other biggest ICOs. Using Bitcoin Suisse contributors can get WPR using following currencies: BTC/XBT, ETH, CHF, EUR, GBP, DKK and SGD. You can register here:
  • KR Token. It is a consulting company based in Korea, specializing in dealing with digital assets. Its services are shaped for Asian markets with respective customer support functions and possibilities to buy WPR tokens in FIAT and digital currencies. In order to buy tokens with KR Token, please send an email to with title “WePower”. KR Token correspondent will reply with T&C and further instructions.

Pre-sale terms and conditions

During the pre-token sale WePower will sell maximum 10% of all WPR tokens to be created. For the minimum 1 ETH contribution you will get 1250 WPR tokens. It is 25% more than during the token sale in November. Early contributors get more tokens.


Simple steps:

  1. Register with one of our partners
  2. Provide identification data
  3. Accept terms and conditions
  4. Select payment method and currency
  5. Get your tokens

Please note that:

  • Tokens are distributed once a week — Friday/Saturday.
  • For 1 ETH contribution you will receive WCT1 token, which represents 1250 WPR tokens. During or after our token sale, you can send WCT1 to our smart contract and get back 1250 WPR tokens. In other words, 1 WCT1 is worth 1250 WPR tokens. Details will be provided before the main token sale.
WePower Token Value Explainer


Blockchain-based green energy procurement and trading platform


    Aukse Sia

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    Aukse Sia



    Blockchain-based green energy procurement and trading platform

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