The right thing to do

Manmade climate change and the resulting temperature increase have been proven to accompany the indiscriminate use of fossil fuels. These changes are poised to cause severe damage to the world’s ecosystem, food systems, and climate by the end of this century.

One of the main strategies to slow this damage is through massive investment in 100% renewable energy.

Wouldn’t you want to contribute to growing green energy production, thus decreasing the amount of dirty fossil fuels the world is burning?

It’s never been easier.

WePower is developing a distributed clean energy network based on blockchain and smart contract technologies to accelerate the shift from centralised dirty energy to local, distributed clean energy.

It’s the future

Global green energy industry growth is forecasted at $19 trillion and 6 million jobs by Paris Accord.

The WePower platform connects existing and new renewable energy producers with companies and people willing to switch to clean energy and invest in a 100% renewable future.

With the help of blockchain and smart contracts, WePower solves multiple major problems of energy sector at once:

· It brings transparency in what amount of green energy was produced, consumed, and how much CO2 emission was saved.

· Energy developers cut intermediary commission fees or raise less expensive funds for new projects by selling future energy at today’s price.

· Energy consumers benefit from the cheaper future energy and participation in CO2 or other green energy certificate markets.

It’s ready

WePower invites everyone to join the green energy exchange platform now. The platform already has all partner agreements that would facilitate the launch, and all necessary Letters-of-Intent are in place.

The demo product is already working, with another major update coming soon for blockchain and use of smart contracts so that investors can finally enter the green energy market directly. By buying green energy on the WePower platform, they finance the development of green energy producers and make the market more attractive, encouraging the production of more energy. They earn money and help save the planet at the same time.

​Token value is based on real energy

The WePower pre-launch fundraiser is structured as a reward-based crowdfunding campaign, where contributors will receive WePower tokens in return for their Ethereum contributions.

Part of the green energy that will be produced and traded on the WePower platform will be assigned to Energy tokens and stored in a smart contract. Thus, the WPR token will be tokenized energy stored in a smart contract and which accrues donated energy (i.e. projected green energy production) in the form of energy tokens.

WPR token holder can use this energy for its own purposes or trade it on WePower platform, at any time of his disposal.

This ensures liquidity option for contributors, especially if contributors are from places where WePower is not connected to the grid.

By doing good, users not only make a profit — but also eliminate dirty energy providers from the grid.

3 examples

1. Producing: Elon has produced more green energy than he will actually consume. In order to support the green energy consumption and even benefit from this, Elon signs with WePower Network where he offers to sell 1000 kWh of green energy to other our user. Elon knows that the market price today is 47ct/kWh but he agrees to sell it at 48 ct/kWh as he knows that the price next year will be higher. Once Elon receives payment for the green energy produced next year, he transfer energy tokens to the buyer to perform its obligation under the concluded power purchase agreement (PPA) in a form of the smart contract.

2. Investing: Elon is a developer of a renewable energy project. He has everything in place; permit to start constructions and the bank on board to finance major part of construction cost. However, Elon lacks 200.000 EUR. To cover the missing amount, Elon offers green energy at an attractive price for the consumers below current market price and at the same time selling his future production from the plant once it will be running. Elon estimated that he needs to sell 2 years’ worth of energy to cover 200,000 EUR at such price. Elon signs with WePower Network and places offer of the tokens representing future delivery of energy with the obligation to produce such energy. Everyone that bought Elon’s tokenized energy would be able to sell their tokens to other users of the marketplace at any time at a more attractive price to make a profit or in essence get a discount for their consumption. In turn Elon gets his 200,000 EUR and finishes constructions of the solar plant.

3. Buying: Elon’s use of energy fluctuates. Elon sees that he will not use all the acquired green energy. However, Elon would like to use the acquired green energy later, when the need to cover energy use fluctuations occurs. To solve this issue, Elon buys energy storage tokens on WePower Network for the energy he has already bought and needs to save/store for the later use. In such way he saves the acquired green energy in order to use it in the future.

They know the energy business

The WePower team leverages experience from energy, law, the blockchain, payment systems, security and emerging digital finance industries to design a platform that will change the way how everyone can earn money by producing, buying and investing in green energy.

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