WePower named as one of the 10 Most Innovative Energy Companies in the world by Fast Company

We have incredible news to share!

WePower has been chosen as one of the Most Innovative Companies of the Year by Fast Company, a leading global business publication focused on entrepreneurship and innovation. We feel honored and humbled to be recognized alongside companies like Apple, GE Power, Spacex and Patagonia to mention a few.

In the name of all WePower team, Nick says THANK YOU to the community and Fast Company for their support and recognition!

WePower was recognized as one of the TOP 10 most innovative energy companies for democratising solar and wind energy investing via tokenized green energy trade. Other category winners include Green Mountain Power, BYD, Sonnen, Drift Marketplace, Entrade, GE Power, Ciel & Terre, Zen Ecosystems and Dandelion.

This is a very exciting development because it shows that WePower’s technology and vision is at the cutting edge of energy innovation at the Global level. It sends a powerful message to the global tech community and leaders showcasing that WePower and blockchain technology can solve some of the most pressing challenges in the energy sector and sustainable living development.

Each year Fast Company conducts extensive research to honor the best in business and innovation

More than three dozen Fast Company editors, reporters, and contributors survey thousands of companies to create the The Most Innovative Companies list. The list was curated from Fast Company’s Top 10 lists, which recognize pioneering companies across 36 categories.

Fast Company has been conducting the list for more than 10 years now, each year marking the major shifts and developments of such business giants as Google, Amazon, Apple also noticing the evolution of more recent players like Spotify and Uber and recognizing new projects with undeniable potential.

Fast Company each year searches for companies with the most innovative and transformative ideas in the field, impact being among their key criteria. Special attention is being payed to the renewable energy solutions as this is undeniably the energy of the future. Many companies currently shaping the global energy markets has been recognized by Fast Company in their early days including such names as SolarCity, Tesla and Nest.

This year WePower is sharing the energy most innovative list with: Green Mountain Power, BYD, Sonnen, Drift Marketplace, Entrade, GE Power, Ciel & Terre, Zen Ecosystems and Dandelion.

“This year’s MIC list is an inspiring and insightful window into how many companies have embraced innovation and are working to make meaningful change,” said Fast Company deputy editor David Lidsky.

Most Innovative Companies is one of the most anticipated Fast Company’s editorial efforts of the year. It provides both a snapshot and a road map for the future of innovation across the most dynamic sectors of the economy.

Leading innovation comes from our bold vision to reshape how energy is produced and managed in the era of smart grids and distributed computing technologies

Most of you are probably familiar with WePower’s near term goals around the democratisation of green energy development financing and trade. However, our ultimate goal is to expand on these two services into building a full service virtual utility platform. A utility like any other: generating power, managing infrastructure and delivering energy service. The difference here is whereas classic utility connects it’s systems via physical links — a virtual utility will connect its system via information links first and use existing regulated infrastructure for the physical links.

Energy sector and especially energy infrastructure up until very recently have been relatively untouched by the digital disruption that so many other industries have gone through over the last decade. There is a vast opportunity that the blockchain based financing mechanisms combined with the digital energy systems, such as smart grids, can open. This opportunity carries a real chance of demonstrating a complex package of smart grid technology, which will drive a meaningful impact on the global energy challenge that we face. We are really at the pivotal point where finance, technology and business can come together to make the shift towards sustainable living that the world desperately needs.

This recognition is an honor and a responsibility

We are proud that from all blockchain based energy projects The Fast Company selected WePower as one of the most innovative companies in the field. Needles to say — we consider this as an honour and responsibility.

Since the day WePower was born we worked tirelessly to get the project up and running. It is off with a great traction. There is still a long way ahead but with the support we keep on receiving we are confident that WePower in a few years time will be at the core of sustainable living and green energy adoption on a daily basis.

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