What’s next for WePower

Dear Community,

On Thursday (2018.02.01) we have closed our token sale with a total of 22,933 people contributing 40 million USD to help us deliver our mission of accelerating renewable energy development and shifting the world towards a more sustainable living. Together we have achieved the largest and most subscribed token sale in the energy industry. It was an important milestone for us but more importantly, such strong support from your side has shown that green energy and sustainability are some of the most important challenges that could be solved with the Blockchain technology.

It has been a tough yet exciting journey so far but clearly, we are just at the very beginning. You all trusted us with an overwhelming support. The ball is in our hands and it is our time to now work even harder and deliver.

This is what we have planned for the near future:

1. Startupbootcamp and business development in Australia

At the end of the last year, we were accepted to Startupbootcamp Energy program held in Melbourne, Australia. The program officially starts today. Imre Miilberg from our engineering team is already there. Arturas and I will be flying to Melbourne this weekend to Imre and other startups participating in the program.

Our three main goals in Australia right now are:

  • use the opportunity and access that Startupbootcamp partners provide to establish relations and start pilot activities with the large Australian energy companies. We are very excited that the program is already supported by such companies as Energy Australia and Spotless as well as Victoria State Government. We are confident that with their help we’ll have a fantastic start in this exciting market with strong affinity for sustainable living and green energy;
  • work closely with local institutional investors (some of them have participated in our pre-sale) to establish renewable energy project financing pipeline for both our European and Australian clients;
  • open an office and establishing our operations in Australia. This will include all legal formalities as well as structuring and hiring a team there. With the time difference between our European and Australian operations, we expect to have our business and development running throughout the day. In this way, WePower will be continuously powered.

2. New exciting partnerships in Europe

Alongside the preparations and management of our token sale, we have also been actively working on new business opportunities for WePower in Europe. We still need to finalise partnership details with the partners but we will very soon have exciting updates about great innovative companies that we will start working with. These partnerships will increase our renewable energy project pipeline and support our project development. Stay tuned!

3. Pilot project with Elering updates

Over the last month, our engineering team has been working round the clock to develop and test product features for our pilot project with the Estonian transmission system operator Elering. System integration with the national scale systems is a complex engineering. It takes time to development.

However, we want to keep you updated on the progress. This is why next week we will launch a development blog written by our CTO Kaspar Kaarlep. He will be covering the latest news on both the product and the engineering team development side. This is where you will be able to get all the latest news and previews of our product as it evolves. With Kaspar’s blog post we will launch the new series of blog posts about WePower platform’s development and pilot projects status as well as challenges we are solving every day.

4. Starting operations in Spain

A bit further down the line but still in a near future, we will formally start our operations in Spain with a new office as well as business operations team there. The primary goal of this team will be focused on working with our first clients Conquista solar and Civitas Project to help them integrate with our platform and prepare for the launch of energy token auctions by the end of this year.

Once again, I extremely thankful to all of you that have supported us all along the journey so far.

Together we have become strong and are perfectly set to turn WePower in a green energy adoption vehicle that is open, transparent and globally inclusive. It is just the beginning but I could not be more excited about the future.