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Weekly Medium Round-up: Has Summer Arrived?

Liz Gallo
Liz Gallo
Jun 7 · 2 min read

Maybe just maybe summer has arrived. The sun is out, the temperature is creepy steadily up. This probably means we’ll spend less time inside reading and more time outside reading! I’ve noticed I’ve been coming across lots of love, relationship, and sex articles this week. This might be because the subject is on my mind which can be evidenced in my recently curated sexy article for Human Parts. (Yes, that’s some shameless self-promo…). So take some sexy articles or non-sexy articles and get outdoors. Summer has arrived and there’s nothing like enjoying with a good read.


Society & Culture

Malcolm Harris looks at what ‘family’ means in American politics in The Family Style in American Politics.

Science & Technology

In Overwhelmed By Space, Sigourney Humus explains the concept of Cosmic Vertigo and I’m in awe.

Love & Relationships

When a friend asked Holly Slater for some sex advice, she had quite a bit to give in A Guy Friend Asked Me for Oral Sex Advice.

Love it or hate it, Sydel Brown says Sexting Is The 21st Century Love Letter. She might be right.

The always hilarious Kyrie Gray explains why I Took Acting Classes So Men Would Believe My Fake Orgasms and shares the results.

Women & Self

Many performers speak about the body confidence and comfort found in Burlesque. Rae Meghan shares her own experience in How I Found Myself Through Burlesque.


Christopher P Jones tells us about The Wedded Rocks of Japan, a unique work of installation art found along the coast of Japan.

Fashion & Style

Haircuts can be life-changing, trust me I know. Nisha Mody shares her own experience with a style change in How A Couple Haircuts Changed My Life.

More on hair. Rissa Jene shares The Social Responsibility of Having Long Natural Hair.


Stefan Chua shares What I Love About Kawhi Leonard and we get a glimpse at the Toronto Raptors humble hero.

We're Still Cool

What can we say? We're still cool!

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Liz Gallo

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We're Still Cool

What can we say? We're still cool!

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