You have to use that “phone app” to #StopBannon.

You know that great, old pizza place by you that’s barely on seamless? You order, but you never know if your pizza is going to come? That’s the government. The ONLY way to make sure your voice is heard/you get that 🍕 is to pick up the 📞 and call.

If you’ve been wondering what to do after Trump’s election to put some checks on him: this is it. Dial your representative. ☎️ Don’t just fill out a petition. Don’t just email them. You HAVE to call. I promise it won’t hurt you.

Our first mission is to #stopbannon. This weekend Trump announced Steve Bannon as a strategist to the White House. Before joining Trump’s campaign, Bannon was executive chairman of Breitbart News, where he provided a platform for sexist, racist, anti-Semitic white nationalists. Here’s an example of a headline published while he was in charge.

This man can’t be in the White House. He can’t be Trump’s “Karl Rove,” helping dictate policy. He can’t.

To stop him, you need to call your Representatives and Senators to tell them this is unacceptable. Here’s a script you can use:

“I live in [where you live] and I think it’s unacceptable that Steve Bannon be given a position in Trump’s White House. Represent my voice in Washington.” That simple. Do it. Now.

Find your representatives in the House here.

Seriously. Do it. Now. Call them. It takes two minutes and it’s the ONLY way to make sure they’ll take action.

Here’s more motivation.

Done? Cool. Now call your Senator. Find yours here.

Done? Good. Now call Paul Ryan’s office (202) 225–3031. Do it. Whoever picks up just say, “I am voicing my concern of President Elect Trump’s choice of Steve Bannon as strategist in the White House. I’ve called my representatives and told them as well.”

Now call majority leader Mitch McConnell: (202) 224–2541. Do it. Hey, look, you’re getting good at this.

Done? Good. There’s more you can do, but first a couple more headlines.

Again, nothing is as powerful as picking up the phone, and you’ve already done that, but consider doing it again tomorrow. I’ve heard liberals ask what they can do now…. this is it. Call your leaders every day and say how you want to be represented.

Stopping Bannon is our first mission. Stopping the Dakota pipeline might be next. Then stopping the deportation forces Trump’s promised. Then curbing Trump’s drive to expand the war on drugs. Then stopping him overturning Roe v Wade. Then calling when he tries to expand Gitmo. Then privatizing Medicare. Then letting oil companies drill in our national parks. Then stopping evolution from being taught in schools. Then starting a war with Iran.

If you want to be an ally and help this nation progress, you have to get used to picking up the phone.

So, call them all again. Right now.

Ok, what else you can do:

Call out the press when they normalize Bannon. They’ll describe him as a businessman. Don’t let them. They’ll say his followers are “alt right.” No. They are “white nationalists” who only want white people living in this country.

Focus your protests on Bannon right now. We need specifics in our messaging. Put #StopBannon on your signs. Chant it.

And finally: keep calling. Just keep calling. Get your friends to call.

This is what it means to get organized.

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