Hello, this is Façade

This is the first part in a series of articles dealing with UX and this playful, yet mysterious little idea I like to call Design Verbs, Not Nouns. It’s mysterious enough that you should probably follow me on Medium.

What is Façade?

Façade is an app that deals with…


Please note that the actual experience may vary.


I love photography. I’ve spent the past few years shooting cemeteries across Europe and Asia, I enjoy portraiture and, particularly — nudes.

There’s a reason I’m mentioning this. A few months ago, I was taking photos of my Lady. She has (or had) this beautiful red lamp that gives (or used to give) a pleasant, warm, fireplace-like light. We used is as a main light source. Because I’m clumsy, and a fair amount of wine was involved in the process, I tripped. And I broke the lamp. Since I’m a developer, I grabbed my Mac quickly, wrote a script changing colours on the screen, and used it as a main source of light. To our surprise, the results turned out to be way better than we expected:

Luna — In this case we used her notebook (a mid-range HP with a low-DPI screen) as a secondary source of light.

Since I’m a party wolf at Werework, last Friday we managed to build a Rainbotron™. Yes, an actual Rainbotron:

James Stout, done with Façade (we can’t guarantee that the model is available for future projects)

How to use Façade?

It’s simple — just go to http://facade.photo, copy the URL from your address bar, and paste it to a different tab. Now, move one of the sliders on either of the screens. Fin.

You can have up to 5 different sources of light (you can assign them to different screens by clicking on a swatch on a desired screen).

Aaron Davies — done with Façade

What now?

Follow us on Twitter or FB to get updates with content created by users to find some inspiration. We’re going to have some really cool stuff there in the next few weeks.

Share some of your work with us!

I’d love to see how people use Façade. So far, I’ve seen examples of amateur/enthusiast photography, selfies, nudes. A friend of mine used Façade to pick the right paint for her living room.

Have fun, and share the colours!

Hari Patience, blurred, I know, but look at the rainbow!

PS. We haven’t fixed the lamp and we’re probably not going to anyway.
PPS. None of this could’ve happened without the help of my wonderful Lady, Luna.