A new direction for Werework

We set up Werework without a very clear idea of where it was heading. We’d try out crazy product ideas, find new collaborators, and see what happened.

Well, that escalated quickly.

At our very first full moon event, we demoed a couple of concepts about realtime interaction and storytelling. A number of interesting conversations spun off the back of that about geolocation, sockets, augmented reality, etc… Until before you know it, we’ve secured backing for a new gaming startup. (More on that another time, we’re keeping it a little stealthy just for now.)

That doesn’t mean we’re winding down Werework; but it does mean we’ll be refocusing it exclusively on hosting events.

Apart from anything else, they’ve been tremendous fun, attracting a diverse and convivial crowd to share tasty food and drink, play with fun little creative tech experiments, and talk.

Our aim to become London’s best little tech speakeasy. We’ve updated our website to reflect that new mission.

This month, we’re trying a new venue, The Shoreditch Arts Club on Leonard St, that looks really great. It’s intimate and comfortable, with plenty of sofas in the bar. We’ve cobbled together a couple of new toys to play with, using motion detection and Google Cardboard (bring a set if you’ve got one). Hope to see you there, or on some other full moon.

Sign up at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/werework-full-moon-03-tickets-26029182987