The first full moon

Event recap for our launch

Cool crowd

Thanks to everyone who came along for our April event and made it so enjoyable. You’re an eclectic bunch and you didn’t break anything.

Fantastic food, yum

Resident gastronaut Aaron cooked up a full spectrum of delicious colour-themed canapés to kick things off. Curried corn bread with Greek yoghurt and tomato kasundi; miso beef in betel leaves; pulled pork, hoisin and pickled carrot summer rolls; carrot gajar salad on purple endive; roasted beetroot and walnut hummus and feta on blue corn tortillas; and blueberry fools to finish up. Yeah, if you skipped because of the rain you made a huge mistake.

Michael talking and waving his hands about

That’s me giving a brief intro to what we’re trying to achieve with Werework — “the Punchdrunk of tech startups”. It’s about playing with product ideas and technologies, and validating what works as quickly as we can.

Rafał doing science

There’s Rafał talking through some ideas about atomic interactions; building small and extremely focused micro-apps that can be rolled out quickly. He followed up with a live demo of Facade (, a lovely colour sharing app for photographers.


Everyone got a chance to try it out for themselves in the Rainbotron booth. We got a lot of great colour-filled portraits like this; follow @hslamazing to see more.

Live visualisation of colour usage

Finally, we took a group excursion into a prototype real-time story app. Some technical glitches here, and we used the two crows joke (sorry). I don’t think anyone made it through the maze— one downside of showing work so early on. But we collected a lot of useful feedback, and that’s sort of the point. More on this project later.

Next full moon is 21 May. It’s already in your calendar! (depending on your calendar) It’s a Saturday this time round, so we are thinking about doing an outdoors event, possibly with a picnic element depending on the weather. Hope to see you there.

PS. Many thanks to Sally for use of the space, and Zoe for helping us get it sorted. We love you