A Smart Move Toward Local Awareness

How informed are you about your surroundings? Do you know what is the next big event happening near you? Are you aware of your local life enough to participate in its activities and seize the opportunities that lie hidden in it? Would you like to be more involved with your neighborhood and find out about the things happening around you instantly?

We have been in your shoes, and that triggered us to think of a solution to help you get more in touch with your surroundings. We were inspired to create a platform in which not only you would find the best services that you’re looking for, you can even get offers about the things that are not in your mind to even look for, things that help you promote your lifestyle and interact more efficiently with your local community. This is how we came up with the idea of Weriz.

It is a blockchain based service that informs people about their local life by notifying them about the best deals and offers that are available nearby, as well as trends and events in their neighborhood. It is a platform that facilitates life and equips users with plenty of options to choose from.

It is designed based on a set of criteria that were important to us, features and properties that make users feel secure and respected, motivated to participate and comfortable in relying on the results they are provided with.

No More Spams!

In Weriz, people find the local news in their phones without being bugged with the uninteresting, unwanted information, “Spams” in other words. We were looking for a solution to make the online experience smooth and enjoyable for our users and that’s how Weriz was born.

Our solution was, to offer data according to specific user-interests. The demographic and geographic data of users give us the ability to channel the relevant and interesting information to them, which makes it not bothersome, but to the point and helpful.

The platform enables users to customize the amount of information delivered to them, their categories and the method of receiving them. They could choose a passive mode of receiving promotions by checking them within the application or a more active mode in which they will receive notifications in user-specified intervals that help them find out about things they want to know about or a combination of the two modes.

Local Mode Off/Travel Mode On

Being a global platform means that users can not only use Weriz to find businesses in their local area, they can also take advantage of it while traveling, finding the businesses they need wherever they go.

Say you are having a 10-day vacation in a tropical island somewhere around East Asia, and you want to find the best spas and restaurants there. We can help you do the search in a few simple steps. This eliminates the need to plan ahead and do an extensive research for your trips. You can discover local attractions quickly and easily while you are there.

With the travel mode on, preferences of the application change to work most optimally for you while traveling. This will help users find out about the highly rated places to visit as well as the services a person will require during a trip (that would normally be different from what they usually look for when they are not on a trip).

Be In The Loop

Suppose a new hair salon is opened three blocks away from you and the nearest salon you currently know and go to is ten blocks away. The new salon has lower prices and offers higher quality services, to attract customers. If it is not on your way, you may never find out about its opening unless by accident.

Here, Weriz offers users information about the new openings and cool events happening around them. In this manner, it answers their needs as locally as possible and gives them a chance to try new services to find their most favorite options.

It will also let people find out about the local trends, the things that are becoming popular, like a local event, an exhibition or some contest that is happening near them, so that if they like, they can participate in those activities and make their local presence more active.

The Famous Five Stars

After crowdsourcing the data about businesses all around the world, the platform lets users rate them based on their quality. It will create a competitive ecosystem for businesses to strive for higher performance and customer satisfaction. This, in turn, will benefit users in two ways: First, by giving feedback to the businesses about their flaws and deficiencies, they are encouraged to provide better services and make user satisfaction their priority. Second, by notifying people of the high quality, highly-rated nearby businesses, it will solve their issues faster and more conveniently by eliminating the need for long commutes.

With Weriz, Explore Local Life Easier Than Ever Before

Let’s Not Make It Too Difficult

Having all these diverse features might make a wrong impression about the complexity of the UI and UX of the application, which we had taken into account and on the contrary, we are designing it to be a very easy-to-use platform for people in different age and educational groups.

Weriz is the child of a desire in its founders to create an application in which users feel comfortable and confident to perform, a place where they could answer their needs. It is designed based on the fact that users who look for a product or service usually need a straightforward answer to their question and we provide that. It is an essential part of our design to make user experience clear and uncluttered.

Favoritism Overruled

Even though existing search services are pretty evolved and customized, they still have the problem of bias and that is due to their commission-based methods of promotion. They manipulate the ratings, based on the promotional packages that some businesses buy and downgrade their rivals to the next position on the list. On the other end, they irritate users by giving them untruthful suggestions, which in the end, will demean their credibility.

We, however, offer a platform that is transparent and commission-free, and that means, as a mediator between users and businesses, we do not benefit from interfering in their interactions. Consequently, the results shown to the users in Weriz will be solely according to the specified criteria and no other hidden agendas.

Friends Don’t Spy

You might wonder, with all the information that the platform receives in order to ensure it can send pertinent, interesting offers to its users, how does it protect their privacy? Will all of their information be exposed to the companies lurking to take advantage of them?

In Weriz, users are assured with Data- Anonymization that encrypts and removes personally identifiable information from their data. Smart Contracts make this issue completely transparent for every user to find out how things are done in the platform. This is an important feature for many users in the era of big data, to have a confidence in the services and applications that are receiving their information, not to misuse them.

Making It Even More Fun

Not only is Weriz making the info it provides users with relevant and useful to those on the receiving end, but it goes one step further in incentivizing them: By giving them monetary rewards for using the platform while answering their daily needs and getting involved with their local community.

This is how it works: When users interact with a business and based on the amount of their interaction, they will earn tokens. That comes from the budget that local business owners allocate to promote themselves and it will, without any reductions, be divided among users who participated in this process. This will make it worthwhile for users to actively engage within the platform.

Finally, A Package You Can’t Resist

To conclude, let’s talk about one final aspect that makes the design highly practical. It applies two methods to inform users about local businesses called Reactive and Proactive. The Reactiveness entails that users receive suggestions about the types of things that they exactly specified in their profile as their interests and the application offers them relevant information whenever available. Moreover, they can simply search for anything that they are looking for within their vicinity.

Being Proactive means by using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the platform estimates similar topics of interest for each user by analyzing their data and then coming up with suggestions that, with a high probability, are in line with their interests and would increase awareness without causing any disturbance. Weriz also notifies users about the trending events happening in their neighborhood and lets them catch up with their local community.

With only a Reactive approach, the platform would become a tool, merely used whenever people wanted to look for something. By adding the Proactive approach to this solution, we give it a boost in that, it makes suggestions, recommendations, about the things that a user didn’t know about, and didn’t even know that he would want to know about. This is what makes the solution smart, to the point and all-encompassing.

This is the end of a 4-part series, explaining what we are going to offer to different parties. We hope you got the general idea of how Weriz is going to globally transform the local experience.

There’s still a lot to talk about and we will. But we are eager to hear your voice and read your comments as well. So, please share your point of view with us, here or anywhere you feel most comfortable (Here is our email address: contact@weriz.app in case you prefer to email us.)